Farewell San Diego :: 36

Jourdan asleep/

I wish I was doing this.
After packing and moving for 2 weeks Jourdan and I deserve some R&R.

Moving Day is finally upon us. We leave for Maryland on Saturday morning. I have enjoyed posting pictures of our last days here in San Diego. I am sure the cross country trip will be fun. I can't wait to see everyone in Maryland. No blogging until we are there and settled so I will be back in about a week or two. I will definitely post pictures and let everyone know how the trip went. Until than....

Farewell San Diego :: 34

Jourdan's Room

Jourdan's bedroom during the moving process.
I didn't post this last night because I feel asleep in the middle of posting. lol

Farewell San Diego :: 33

Happy Birthday Amber

Happy Birthday Amber! Isn't she special?
Unfortunately since this is a family blog I can't post where this birthday party took place. Many of you might be too disturbed. I can't have that now can I?

Farewell San Diego :: 32

Beach Traffic

Stuck in beach traffic. It was 95 degrees today! Hot, hot, hot!

Farewell San Diego :: 31

Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs
85 degrees and sunny.
What? Did you expect me to stay inside and pack?

Before & After

Jourdan BeforeFinished Product

Ok I had to post the before and after pictures of his haircut. He was getting a mullet. It looks so much better now. Thanks Kate!
For a great haircut go see Kate at Hairspray in San Diego.

Farewell San Diego :: 30

Cutting the Hairs

Someone doesn't like getting their hair cut!

Farewell San Diego :: 28

View of Downtown

We had to borrow a good friend's truck to finish moving.
This is the view from his apartment. Lucky!

Puppy's Fall

Farewell San Diego :: 25

Jourdan Cheese


**Since Eaan was deathly sick on Saturday I did not get to take any pictures. I have made up for it though. There are two posted from today! I can sense your excitement.**

Farewell San Diego :: 24

Helping Daddy move

As you can see we have plenty of help moving while Daddy is sick.

Farewell San Diego :: 23

Jourdan & Daddy Stuck

Another day of packing and moving.