Hiking @ Mission Trails

Leah and I have been hanging out a lot since both of our husbands are deployed. Leah is one of my best friends out here and she is such a help with Jourdan. She loves me so much that she helps carry Jourdan when we go hiking. She manages to make up for it by kicking my butt on the trails and making me run. It's always something like, "oh we should run to the beach today!" "Um, yeah, Leah that's 2 miles away". Still I do it. We need to keep up with the boys when they get back from deployment. We are going to kick their butts on the trails. Lately, we have been hiking at Mission Trails in Santee, Torrey Pines wasn't doing it for us anymore...too easy. Famous last words.

The first time we went was bad. We were not prepared for Mission Trails. Located in East County, this hike included 5 1/2 hours of 95 degree heat, cloudless skies, and level 5 trails (the hardest, of course...what was I thinking?). We also had a grand ole time when Jourdan pooped on us...twice, when I fell...twice (with Jourdan on my back, don't worry he thought it was funny), and when we ran out of water 2 miles from my car. IT WAS NOT FUN. :(

The second and third times were better and we came prepared...more water, more diapers, more wipes. We were only peed on these times. But none the less we made it to the top of the mountains and came back down without any major injuries. I love hiking, despite the mishaps, they make great stories. Don't worry I documented some moments from our hikes.

Me...not looking forward to what lies ahead.

This is what lies ahead...yes we went up that trail plus some and back down.

Jourdan gets the best seat in the house...that little slave driver.

Hey mom, what ya doing? Go faster! Come on!

We made it to the top!

Youngest hiker I know.

Why walk when you can crawl?

I couldn't resist! He is so darn cute.
Not walking yet but standing all on his own.
Jourdan actually is showing no interest in walking.
I figure he thinks why should he walk when he can crawl 20 miles an hour?!?

Nerd Day

I feel it is important to have a nerd day every once in awhile. This past weekend was perfect for our nerd day. Amber, Leah and Des joined Jourdan and I on our nerd adventure. We went to the Natural History Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Than off to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to see the IMAX, Dinosaurs Alive! and than finally to La Jolla to see Bodies...The Exhibition. I do not have many pictures because we were not allowed to take any in the exhibits.

Natural History Museum

The Dead Sea Scrolls were fascinating. The photography was amazing, I wish I could have taken pictures. While going through the exhibit to see the scrolls Jourdan decided to scream his little head off. I had to take him out and wait for my friends to finish. Than I was able to go back in on my own, while they graciously watched him. The good old parent switch-a-roo. I am getting used to doing this at basically everything interesting that I want to see.

We watched Dinosaurs Alive! in the IMAX. Jourdan loved it. He actually started laughing when two dinosaurs started attacking each other! The T-Rex did scare him when he roared though. Leah and I decided that we need to start seeing IMAX movies more often.

We had lunch at Mo's. Pretty much the only pictures I have from the whole day.

Bodies...The Exhibition was...I do not know, crazy, interesting, amazing, many words. You walk through and see bodies, REAL bodies, injected with something (I don't remember all the technical stuff) and it hardens the blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves..everything. There were bones and brains and blah. I know now that I can NEVER be a doctor. It gives me chills! It was so cool, yes cool...the best word I can think of. There were baby fetuses. So small. You can see babies from the time they were embryos through their development. We found out that the bodies were from China. They were unclaimed and than donated to science. Even the babies, they were either from miscarriages or because the mother and baby died. It's so sad. The bodies were real, I think that is what got to me the most.

What can I say? It was a great nerd day!

Gay Pride

This past weekend Des, Jourdan and I went to the Gay Pride Parade. There were lots of people there supporting the community. The hair salon that I work at, Hairspray, had a float in the parade so I went to show my support. I was not in the parade because I thought it would be too difficult with Jourdan. Hairspray's float looked great! We loved watching all the different floats everyone had. Hairspray won 1st price in the parade! They had the best float!

Unfortunately there were protesters at the parade. Do people not have anything better to do? This made me sick to my stomach. Let people live their lives as they want. People do not have to agree with the lifestyle but should show some respect. Sorry. . .I am done bitching.

There were so many different businesses and organizations in the parade showing their support. The police were even in the parade, along with many others.

Gay Pride Parade

Eaan Update

Eaan is doing really well. He has been to a couple different ports,
Malaysia, Thailand, Philippians, and now he is in Singapore. Here are some pictures he sent me. He was able to go on an elephant ride in Thailand, I believe.

He can't
wait to come home though. He is missing everyone like crazy. Eaan has been working a lot. He has been flying all the time. All the e-mails I get from him usually include something like, I have to fly 14+ hours tomorrow...I am glad I am not doing that.

Some good news though, he might be coming home early. Possibly as early as September 15th. So we will see. You can never get too excited. Everything can always change. Jourdan and I can not wait for him to come home.

Here are some pictures from on the boat. He is hanging out with his pilots.
Boys and their guns.

I am not really sure about this one.


Being back in Maryland was a lot of fun. Chris was home for a visit from Germany. I got to see all my old friends. I miss being home. Jourdan had a lot of fun. He loved Otis. For the 4th of July we went to see Tommy at Cove Point Pool. Jourdan loved going in the water even though it was freezing! Afterwards we met up with everyone and went tubing than watched the fireworks from the boat out in the bay. I can not wait to go back!

British Virgin Islands

Ok I know that I have been slacking on the posting. I have been very busy and I finally got all of the pictures from the British Virgin Islands in order and ready to post. Jourdan and I had a lot of fun on our vacation. As predicted there were many pictures taken....I think the last count was 2,645 or something like that. Do not worry I am not posting all of them. But I am putting up a lot of pictures.
I was worried about the plane ride but it turned out ok. By the last connection flight I was ready to be sailing, not in a small airplane seat. We only had the 45 minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tortola left. Sounds easy, right? After waiting for about 1/2 an hour on the little plane, the engines still had not been started. The pilot comes on to the speaker system and says, "Sorry about the wait, I know it's hot, (it is about a 100 degrees on the plane and everyone was sweating like crazy) but everyone should be happy because you are all about to go on vacation." Everyone on the plane kinda laughed and I yelled out, "Travel 10 hours with a 10 month old and tell me how happy you would be."

We finally arrived and waited an hour to go through customs, and than took a nerve racking van ride to the Moorings (there are hardly traffic lights, the roads are ALMOST two cars wide and the bigger car basically has the right away...and I thought San Diego drivers were bad). When we met up with everyone we immediately jumped into the pool.

The rest of our trip was a lot of fun. Jourdan thought it would be great to wake up at about 6 am every morning with the sun. Yeah for me. He did very well on the boat. He was a little shaky at first, but soon got the hang of standing on the rocking boat. The boat was awesome, since there is no air conditioning, air flow is crucial. The catamaran was nice and breezy. It was still really hot there. On the nights when it was too hot in the boat we would sleep up on the net.

It was so beautiful in the British Virgin Islands. We were able to sail, snorkel, scuba dive, swim and just relax. We went from island to island, playing on the beach, looking through the little shops and having dinner. There are so many stories to tell, I can't possibly tell them all. There was the lost camera, the rouge wave through our bedroom hatch (and yes we were in the bedroom at the time), Tommy's dislocated finger, Jourdan peeing on Grandmom, Jourdan peeing on the deck of the boat, Anna hurting herself at almost every island, Jourdan passing out wherever and whenever, rough seas, Anna dropping Jourdan and I am sure I am forgetting things.

There was a interesting Phone Booth at Marina Cay. All you have to do is stand there and every 15 seconds the camera takes a picture. You can go to the Pusser's website and see our pictures. Look up June 28th @ 2:50 pm and than search the archive. There will be a bunch of pictures of us. Just something cool, proves that we were there. lol. Anyway the slide show shows some of the highlights from our vacation. There are more posts down below too.


Sleepy Baby

Jourdan managed to fall asleep everywhere we went in the British Virgin Islands. Tommy was his favorite pillow. He was too cute. I guess we were tiring him out.

Diving and Snorkeling in the BVI

I was able to go diving when we were in the British Virgin Islands. I was very nervous. I had not been diving in 2 years. As soon as I started to descend and saw everything I was fine. We were able to dive at The Chimney which is a passage through the rocks underwater. The depth is about 40 feet. We also dove on two shipwrecks. The Rhone and The Ingeness. These were the two that made me nervous. Both were at 80 feet and the surface was choppy so it was hard to stay on the surface. Once I was at the bottom it was beautiful. I saw fish and sea life that I have never seen before. The shipwrecks were amazing too. While diving I was always on the lookout for sharks. But we did not see any. We saw fish, sea turtles, rays, barracuda, coral and seaweed. Anna even tried scuba diving!

Snorkeling was amazing too. Everyone was able to snorkel, including Jourdan. Well he just floated on the surface in his floaty while we snorkeled but he had tons of fun watching us and being in the water.

New posts on the way!

Sorry I have not updated in awhile but I have lots to tell. Pictures from Eaan and pictures from our trip to the BVIs. I will be posting soon. I promise!