Jourdan Jourdan Jourdan

We are doing good out here in San Diego. We found out that Eaan will be going to Hawaii for a month or so in October and that he might be deploying again in June '08. Crazy, huh. Gotta love the military. We haven't been doing much but getting back into a routine. Jourdan is growing up so fast. We had a little photo session the other day and I took maybe 150 pictures. Don't worry I deleted a lot of them. I love digital cameras! You can take as many pictures as you want and just delete the bad ones. Jourdan always tries to grab the camera, he wants to play with it more than smile for me. But that's ok. I got some good shots. He still loves that little blue puppy; sleeps with him every night.

My little camera ham.

I love this picture, I got it right before the tears started rolling. It's true to life, you can't be happy all the time.

New Hairs

I now have black hair...

I looooove it!

Yeah, me & the random posts...I just posted about 5 Mostly pictures of Jourdan, of course. I don't know what I would take pictures of if it wasn't for him! Check out the other posts down below!

Daddy's Boots

Busy, busy, busy...

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a couple weeks. It has been very busy here. Jourdan & I were in Maryland for a week for his birthday, than Eaan's family came into town the next weekend and Eaan came home on September 11th.

Jourdan just had his one year check up. We are happy to report he is a healthy, happy little baby boy. He just broke 20 pounds. Walking does not interest him although he did take a couple steps for his daddy. Jourdan & Eaan are getting alone well, spending lots of "guy time" together. He has grown up so much in just a year. Thought I would post a slide show of him from the past year.

Happy Birthday Little Boy


Eaan is finally home! I am so excited. It has been a hard 5 months but he is finally back. Jourdan and Daddy are getting alone great. They are getting to know each other again. It was exciting watching his boat come in. He was able to bring his Uncle Lance on the boat from Hawaii to San Diego, called a Tiger Cruise. Eaan's family came to see him come home and to see Lance too of course. We had a blast with his family. Eaan is glad to be home and off the ship. Now that Eaan is home, everything is back to normal, we are already getting on each other's nerves...It's great! I will be posting some more pictures from his deployment in a couple days.


Being home in Maryland was a lot of fun. I love being back home, I can not wait until Eaan is able to come and visit with us!

Tommy loves it when we go and visit him @ work!

Jourdan ♥s Cheerios!

All Smiles!

He was even good on the plane ride!

September 11th

Eaan is home! Such a sad day for him to come home on but we are happy he is finally here.