Happy Birthday Tommy

Happy Birthday Tommy!

I love you so much little brother. I can't believe you are already 17. You are growing up too fast. Where did my little brother go? He is all grown up and I am so proud of who you are becoming. I love you so much, you have always been there for me. I will always be there for you.

I listen to your music all the time. Although I know you don't believe me, I am listening to it right now. I know you are rolling your eyes reading this but I don't care. You are one of the bestest brothers a sister could have. Lovies to you. I hope you get everything you want.

Free bites!

"I'm not happy with you today Mommy"

Today was a rough day for me and the little guy. He is getting two bottom teeth and I think they were bothering him today. We started out the morning ok, but than, disaster. I took the remote away from him. Anyone with kids knows this is an extremely bad idea. He proceeded to fall to the floor, sobbing and crying like I had just thrown out his blue puppy.

Blue Puppy = LOVIE. If we ever lost little blue puppy I honestly don't think he would sleep...which is why I bought another one...backup. I just switch them every once in awhile so they both get worn out...I know I know...Genius!

Anyway so I let him cry and than gave him a bath. When I took him out he was so upset that he hit me in the face. He has been doing this lately...throwing things and hitting. I think he was just flailing but my face caught the brunt of it. Of course he got yelled at and of course he cried.

As we were about to leave the house I took my keys away from him. Now I normally don't let him play with them but he found them in my purse. He was standing in front of the door with it open so when I took the keys he sat down right there and started crying. So after repeated attempts to get him out the door, I just pushed him out. Don't worry no step, I just nudged him a foot and he continued to cry outside on the front step. Normally he is running when he gets outside...FREEDOM! But no, he just sat there and cried so I carried him to the car and put him in there...still crying. He quieted down after I turned on some music. Works every time.

When I dropped him off at daycare, where all the kids call him Jacob, he gave me a look that said "I'm not happy with you today Mommy". I warned Ms. Jane about his little 'tude.

On a happier note he did not cry when I dropped him off yesterday; he had the sad face but no tears. And yes the children all call him Jacob. I don't know if they can not pronounce Jourdan or what but Eaan is mad. He wanted to name our next little boy Jacob if we have one. I don't mind, in some circles people still call Jourdan Wolfgang...thanks Tracey...Wolfgang Green. Go ahead say it out loud.

Back to the day, when I picked up Jourdan he, of course, had his little 'tude all day but he was happy to see me and gave me a big hug. So we hopped in the car and I thought this would be a perfect time to take our Christmas card pictures since he seemed to be in a better mood. I even went to McDonald's and bought him a Happy Meal so he could eat that while we took pictures in front of the tree. Here is how that went:

It started out ok I couldn't get the color right so I was having problems with that and of course he wouldn't stand in front of the tree after the first picture.

So cute, not sure if it's good for Christmas Cards though...

Than he started to melt down...(This might be the winner!)

Than he found a present.

I am actually surprised it took him that long to rip one open. The presents have been sitting under the tree for a couple days. I felt the little guy deserved it after I put him in a sweater vest and made him, well tried to make him stand in front of the tree for an hour. Needless to say the minute that sweater vest came off, I put him right to bed. It was a long day. I think I need to do action shots with him. We are going to see Christmas lights tomorrow at Balboa Park, maybe I can get some good shots there. Or with Santa. We will see. I am sure Jourdan will let me know what he wants.

Well I am off to bed its been a long day and I need some sleep if I am going to get through tomorrow. Yeah Christmas shopping, Balboa Park and rambunctious 1 year olds!

Hungry Boys + Commissary = $400 in Food

So we went shopping last week and we bought so much food it was ridiculous! I forgot that I took pictures of the cart. Thought I would share with everyone. People in the store were asking me if I was able to push the cart by myself. The funny thing is I was having a hard time pushing it. At the checkout the cashier had to stop scanning our items twice so the bagger could catch up. You are probably wondering why we bought so much food. Well, Eaan eats so much, if he didn't there wouldn't be anything left of him. Especially since he is in "training" now. Jourdan is also starting to eat a lot too. If we have any more boys I will never be able to keep enough food in the house!

In my defense the soda on the bottom was for the guys at work...I am trying not to drink it anymore...I am not succeeding.

You Know You Are From San Diego When...

1. You can name just about every Mexican restaurant in the city.
2. You turn the AC on in your car during winter.
3. You call freeways "the 8" or "the 5" or "the 125".
4. You smell smoke and have an evacuation kit ready to go.
5. You have raincoats and umbrellas stored away for the next El Nino season.
6. You plan your day around traffic.
7. You say marine layer instead of smog.
8. You tell visiting relatives that rattlesnakes and coyotes don't bother humans.
9. Every street name is either in Spanish or Spanish related, and you're surprised when other areas do not have this.
10. You see weather forecasts for four different climate zones in the same county, and aren't remotely surprised.
11. You've gone to Mt. Helix or Mt. Soledad in July and known you still need a jacket.
12. You've been to see an Imax movie at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.
13. You still call it the Del Mar Fair.
14. You know what it means when two guys are walking in Hillcrest.
15. You know what it means when a girl in a short skirt is walking on El Cajon Blvd.
16. You've been to Belmont Park and rode the Big Dipper.
17. You know the difference between Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and Mira Mesa.
18. You can correctly pronounce Jaccumba, Tierrasanta, La Jolla, Rancho Penasquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, and El Cajon.
19. You've gone to Sea World on a warm day and sat in the first few rows at the Shamu Show to get cooled off.
20. You've been delayed at the Border Checkpoints on "the 5" and "the 15".
21. Your house doesn't have air conditioning.
22. Everyone has their favorite beach.
23. No matter what the weather is, there is always someone walking around in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops.
24. You live on, near or are surrounded by hills.
25. You hate tourists and their bad driving.
26. You know what MB, IB, OB, and PB stand for.
27. You know what Santa Ana's are, and that they have literally nothing to do with the city of Santa Ana.
28. You know what a California burrito is.
29. You never, under any circumstances call it anything other than "the Gaslamp".
30. You do not consider L.A. a part of SoCal.
31. You can take a freeway from your house to anywhere you want to go.
32. You have know countless guys under 5 foot 9 inches tall that own huge lifted trucks to account for their shortcomings.
33. Summer is "Fire Season" for you.
34. The year is filled with more raging wildfires more often than cloudy days.
35. You recognize the smell of Julian Apple Pie.
36. There are more taco-shops than there are Starbucks.
37. You know what towns are a part of the ghetto list.
38. You know what "The Merge" is, and will plan your entire day around not being on it during rush hour.
39. When it rains, you know by experience that everyone else on the road will freak out and slow down to a ridiculous speed and piss you off.
40. You never really pay attention to the weather reports.
41. You will not get lost in Horton Plaza.
42. We can have traffic on "the 5" when there are no accidents and it is not rush hour.
43. You know after 8 am on the summer weekends there is no parking at the beach cities.
44. You plan your day around traffic, not weather.
45. You know how to get to Moonlight Beach.

Anyone wanting to know what it's like living in Southern California...there you go. Notice, traffic was mentioned at least 7 times.


I had my 24th Birthday party last night. Of course it was a great time.
Yet another party at the Cutrer's!
Not too much has been going on except birthdays & holidays. Last month we celebrated Eaan's birthday and Thanksgiving and so far this month we have celebrated my birthday. Christmas vacation is coming up. I love December! :) I am looking forward to 10 days off and my mom is looking forward to spoiling her grandson. Nothing much else to report. We have been lounging around the house every weekend and than working like crazy all week. My day consists of, wake up, get ready, get Jourdan ready, go to work, drop Jourdan off at daycare, go to my other job, come home & eat dinner, put Jourdan to bed and than its time for me to go to bed. I wish there were more hours in the day. I am looking forward to Christmas. My favorite holiday!

Happy Holidays!

Another Haircut for the wee one

How cute is Jourdan? So cute. He got his hair cut in anticipation of Christmas pictures. He was such a good little boy. He had been at Chucky Cheese all day so he was tired and just sat there.

Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving dinner was sooo good. Every year all of our friends get together for Thanksgiving. Since we are all military it is nice to have a family away from home. We celebrated at two places this year, Justin & Leah's and Wes & Melissa's house. Good eats all around. Great peeps, great food, family away from much to be thankful for. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuffed their faces with all the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes they could find! Muah!


Have I told anyone how much I love SeaWorld? Well I do. I love it so much that I was willing to take Jourdan and his friend, Keller. This might not sound like much but has anyone tried to take two one year olds anywhere without problems? They were actually very good. We saw "Believe", the Killer Whale Show, touched the Sting Rays, went through the shark exhibit and feed the dolphins. Jourdan loved the killer whale show; Eaan took him down to the splash zone and got him wet! Keller loved the dolphins; he even tried to jump in with the dolphins. We went with some friends of ours. I think the guys favorite part was drinking the free beer at the Anheuser Bush area. Neither Jourdan nor Keller took a nap the whole day so when we were driving home they were out. It gave me and Eaan a taste of what it would be like to have two babies...

Happy Birthday Eaan!


Eaan turned 25 on November 15th. Great friends, good times, beer pong & barbecuing, what more do you need?!?


We went to Phoenix this weekend to see family. We had a lot of fun, hanging out and hiking in Sedona. It was beautiful in Sedona. We were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon but that trip was called off until the spring, unfortunately. Jourdan got cold feet, literally, when we were hiking. He wanted to go in the we let him. Than of course he got mad when we took him out of the water.

Jourdan is walking all the time now. He has the toddler waddle down now. I love buying him shoes. Of course. He babbles all the time and has started yelling at me when he is angry. Let the temper tantrums start. He had one in Target the other day. All because I took wrapping paper rolls from him. But his little smile melts hearts. Eaan even said that, "he is becoming too cute and irresistible."

A Day In The Park

Balboa Park

We tried to go to Sea World for like the 4th time this weekend, but it didn't work out...again. We went to Balboa Park instead. Jourdan loved running around in the grass (he isn't scared of it anymore!). It was such a beautiful day and we had lots of fun. :)


Just wanted to show everyone how well Jourdan is walking. Here he is in his Halloween costume!

Go Jourdan!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Jourdan was a dinosaur for Halloween this year. He was so cute. We went trick-or-treating with some friends in military housing. There were so many kids out. Some really cool costumes although I must say there were some children that came to our door twice, but we didn't care. We were trying to get rid of all the candy so we would not eat it later. Jourdan trick-or-treated around the block, he did really well. He got really cranky at the end and was lying on the pavement crying, that is when we knew it was bedtime. Enjoy the slide show!

Eaan's Boots

I this little boy!

Better by the Day

Daycare is going better. Jourdan was really good today. He only cried for about 2 minutes after I left and than he was playing. Ms. Jane even got him laughing. I am glad he is adjusting. When I came and picked him up he didn't cry and run toward me. He still ran toward me but wanted to keep playing with the kids. I took this as a good sign. Soon he'll cry when we leave. Tomorrow Ms. Jane is taking the kids trick-or-treating in the afternoon. We are going to take Jourdan later too. He gets to go twice but I am sure he will not care. He will probably just try and rip off his costume. He is going to be a green dinosaur with red spots. I will definitely have pictures tomorrow.


This week has been so hectic with the wildfires I forgot to mention that Jourdan started Daycare on Monday. So the first day wasn't great. He cried for an hour when I left. I cried a little too so I understand his pain. Ahhh, the joys of separation anxiety. He has been there 4 days now. The second day he was good, only cried for 10 minutes and was a little fussy. The third day he just cried the whole time. He does this thing were he throws himself on the floor and wines when he is not happy. He did that the whole time. The fourth day Eaan dropped him off. Eaan said he cried and screamed when he left. I was so worried going to pick him up. I thought, poor Mrs. Jane (Daycare lady's name), he probably cried the whole time. But when I walked in the door her older son said he didn't cry at all. I was shocked! Apparently he laid in his little cot the whole time and held his puppy. He played with the kids from the cot. They would give him cars and play with his toes and move him around so he could watch TV. He slept for about an hour but wouldn't get up. I guess it was his security blanket, his little bed. My mom says that when I was little and she left me with a babysitter I would just go to sleep. That's how I dealt with it. So I guess it runs in the family. When I got there on that fourth day he was so cute. Just held his arms up and wanted me to hold him. That is how the week ended on Thursday. We will see how next week goes.

San Diego Firestorm 2007

Photo By: Sean M Hafffey/San Diego Union-Tribune/Zuma Press

10/22/07 Lunchtime: Fire, fire everywhere...Ahhh! Don't worry we are not in danger but there is a lot of smoke in the air and ash falling. I am going to try and be one of those stupid people who stop and take pictures (just kidding). We were told not to go to work today unless it was absolutely necessary to make the world go round...and stay off your cell phone.

I started to head to work (before I found out how bad the fires were) and than realized they were evacuating people right around the area I work...humm I turned around and headed home. I am still going to my other job at the hair salon, I mean come on people still need to look good. I am about to leave for that but I am not worried about going there, it's downtown and if downtown gets evacuated we are in a lot of trouble.

We are in a state of emergency and fires are burning everywhere. The fire department is worried about two fires merging. A fire has also jumped the 15 freeway. You know it's serious when the fire starts jumping the freeway. There is a fire south of us too. I can't keep track anymore. Schools are closed all over the place, not even due to the actual fire but due to evacuations and poor air quality. So basically we shouldn't be outside. Anyway I will write more later after all this is over. But have no fear...oh look there is now a fire in El Cajon, that's where we used to live. Awesome, glad we moved out of East County. Anyway I'll update in a day or two.

10/22/07 12:30 pm Update: Just heard on the news that they are delaying normal broadcasting but don't worry they will play the soap operas after midnight so you can all calm down...

10/22/07 10:00 pm New Update: Heroes is postponed until Sunday night! Ahhhhh....what am I going to do. Forget you Channel 7. Prison Break was only postponed until midnight, thank you!!...FOX 6 knows what's up. Oh and just so EVERYONE knows Days of Our Lives will be on at 3:05 am (What?) I guess there are some die hard fans out there.....

Now that the important information is out there I'll update you on the fires. The fires are getting closer (I think there are 8 burning in SD county currently)...they evacuated all the way to the coast about 15 miles north of where we live, yikes. I am starting to think of everything I can grab...hummm, actually I am trying to think how in the world am I going to be able to take my awesome king size mattress with me?

Can't go to work tomorrow now, damn! They evacuated the building I believe. In case you all are keeping up with the news I work up north by Mira Mesa, right on the southern border of the evacuations (the 56 freeway). The air quality is horrible here, everyone is coughing and wheezing. Jourdan already has a cold so this isn't making it any better. The air stinks of smoke and at times (depending on the wind direction) there is ash falling. Eaan's squadron is on call this week. Hopefully they will be able to get out there and help as many people as they can. They have evacuated approximately 300,000 people.

I am so thankful I am not up north or south of me where everyone has been evacuated. I have faith that the fire department will save as many houses as they can and contain these fires. Hopefully no one else will be hurt . The UCSD burn unit has reached max capacity, along with hospitals, and evacuation shelters. I am thankful I still have my apartment and pray for those who have been evacuated, hurt and fighting these fires.

10/23/07 11:00 pm New Update:
Well the fires are still burning, over 500,000 people have been evacuated. There are not any fires too close to my apartment. I was on Coronado today looking at San Diego and the sky was brown. There was clouds of smoke coming from inland. I could not even see the mountains in the distance, the sky was so dingy. If I am able to, I am going to volunteer with some friends tomorrow down at Qualcomm stadium; it's one of the evacuation shelters. I think there was something like 10,000 people there last night. A lot of people lost everything in the fires, I can't even imagine. The least I can do is offer my help.

10/25/07 11:07 pm New Update: The fires are still burning but people are being allowed back in their homes, if their house is still there. Many people are coming home to a pile of ash and rubble. The fires are being contained although there is still danger. I was able to go back to work today, the area wasn't burned it was just evacuated as a precaution. I have been watching on the news everyone going back to their burnt and destroyed homes. It's very upsetting. It's been a tough week...but it's getting better. Let the clean up begin.

This site has great coverage of the fires: SignOnSanDiego

My Poor Boys

Today was a sick day at the Green house. Both Jourdan and Eaan are sick with colds. I am not sick (knock on wood) so I get to take care of the boys. Jourdan gets really lovey when he is sick and just wants to be held all day. So we decided not to got to SeaWorld like we planned, stayed in our PJs all day and put together Jourdan's new toy bin. Jourdan was a big help, he held the directions for me. Unfortunately Eaan had to go on watch tonight but we were able to spend all morning together.

Jourdan has been sick all week but he is getting better. Eaan just got sick yesterday right before we were supposed to go to the Haunted Hotel in downtown. He hadn't wanted to go, so I wonder if his sickness was planned...But he has promised me he will make a HUGE effort to go to the Haunted Hotel with me next Friday night. There will probably be about a million people there but oh well. We ventured downtown last night and when we found out the wait to get a ticket was 10 minutes and the line to actually get into the hotel was 1 hour Eaan told me he was not waiting in the line. (Due to his sickness) I tried to tell him he has waited in lines longer than that for rides but apparently I can't compare it to Six Flags were he waited 3 hours for the X (awesome ride though). It's not the same, for whatever reason. Anyway I am so excited, I can't wait to pee my pants next weekend. I love being scared!

Pumpkin Tossing

It's almost Halloween time and we can't wait. Jourdan is going to be a dinosaur and he even has a little candy bag. He is walking a lot better now so we figure he will be able to make it to a couple doors before he gets tired or distracted...maybe. Pumpkins are everywhere now that Halloween is right around the corner so we got some at the store. Jourdan didn't know what to make of them at first but now he has it all figured out. Pushing them off the front porch has him entertained for minutes...

I know that mischievous look...

Yep, there he goes...

There goes the other one.

Deployment Pictures

Sorry it's taken me so long to post these but I finally have the pictures from Eaan's deployment. I set them up in a slide show so check it out here View slideshow Jourdan and I are so happy he is home safe and sound. Hopefully he will not have to deploy again too soon. Everything is always up in the air. Enjoy the slide show!

Jourdan Jourdan Jourdan

We are doing good out here in San Diego. We found out that Eaan will be going to Hawaii for a month or so in October and that he might be deploying again in June '08. Crazy, huh. Gotta love the military. We haven't been doing much but getting back into a routine. Jourdan is growing up so fast. We had a little photo session the other day and I took maybe 150 pictures. Don't worry I deleted a lot of them. I love digital cameras! You can take as many pictures as you want and just delete the bad ones. Jourdan always tries to grab the camera, he wants to play with it more than smile for me. But that's ok. I got some good shots. He still loves that little blue puppy; sleeps with him every night.

My little camera ham.

I love this picture, I got it right before the tears started rolling. It's true to life, you can't be happy all the time.

New Hairs

I now have black hair...

I looooove it!

Yeah, me & the random posts...I just posted about 5 Mostly pictures of Jourdan, of course. I don't know what I would take pictures of if it wasn't for him! Check out the other posts down below!

Daddy's Boots

Busy, busy, busy...

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a couple weeks. It has been very busy here. Jourdan & I were in Maryland for a week for his birthday, than Eaan's family came into town the next weekend and Eaan came home on September 11th.

Jourdan just had his one year check up. We are happy to report he is a healthy, happy little baby boy. He just broke 20 pounds. Walking does not interest him although he did take a couple steps for his daddy. Jourdan & Eaan are getting alone well, spending lots of "guy time" together. He has grown up so much in just a year. Thought I would post a slide show of him from the past year.

Happy Birthday Little Boy


Eaan is finally home! I am so excited. It has been a hard 5 months but he is finally back. Jourdan and Daddy are getting alone great. They are getting to know each other again. It was exciting watching his boat come in. He was able to bring his Uncle Lance on the boat from Hawaii to San Diego, called a Tiger Cruise. Eaan's family came to see him come home and to see Lance too of course. We had a blast with his family. Eaan is glad to be home and off the ship. Now that Eaan is home, everything is back to normal, we are already getting on each other's nerves...It's great! I will be posting some more pictures from his deployment in a couple days.


Being home in Maryland was a lot of fun. I love being back home, I can not wait until Eaan is able to come and visit with us!

Tommy loves it when we go and visit him @ work!

Jourdan ♥s Cheerios!

All Smiles!

He was even good on the plane ride!

September 11th

Eaan is home! Such a sad day for him to come home on but we are happy he is finally here.

Another Birthday Party for Jourdan

Jourdan had another party in Maryland this Sunday, the 26th. Lucky little boy. Jourdan is still scared of ballons but he loved his ice cream cake. As you can see it's all over his face. He loved all his presents too and the doggies that came to the party. 5 in all. Jourdan loves doggies and couldn't help but feed them some of his ice cream cake.

Happy Birthday Jourdan!


Jourdan took his 1st steps today! Just a couple, but still there were 3 definite steps. He walked to Grandma! He is growing up so fast. I can't wait until Eaan comes home to see him.

Facing Forward

We had another first the other day. I switched Jourdan's car seat around to face forward. I think he really likes it. At first he was really quiet and just looked around. Now he talks, well babbles, and looks out at all the cars driving by. I took some pictures of us on his first car ride facing forward. Don't worry I was at a stoplight, not driving.