Grandmom Ruth's 90th Birthday Party

The weekend before Christmas we went to PA to celebrate Great Grandmom Ruth's 90th birthday!

GR Layla and Jourdan

GR Layla

GR Jourdan

Family, good times, good food and lots of fun.
Thank you Grandmom Carol for putting it all together!

GR Anna

Aunt Anna and Layla. They are so cute!

GR Anna and Layla

I think Jourdan was done smiling at this point.
This was the best shot my mom could get of us.
At least Layla and I are being good. :)

GR Manda Jourdan and Layla

After the party some of the family stayed to hang out and open presents. Jourdan took an interest in chess.

GR Jourdan Chess

GR Jourdan Chess 2

After the party we went and saw Christmas Lights at Hershey Park.

Christmas Lights

Before coming home the next day we stopped in and saw Santa at Chocolate World.


Happy December :: 18

More cuteness to come soon...

Happy New Year's Eve!


Merry Christmas

The Green Family

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

I haven't been posting this last week because Eaan is visiting from San Diego. We are getting ready to move so we have been extremely busy, not to mention all the Christmas happenings. I have plenty to say and lots of pictures to post. It has been a Happy December and it isn't even over yet! More posts to come!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Happy December :: 17

Papa's Boat

We went and said hello to Papa's boat the other day.
Not much sailing going on since it is too cold.

Papa Sailboat

Dock 2

Light Water


Happy December :: 16

I was looking through my old posts and I found this the other day. I couldn't resist posting it again! I can't stop laughing when I watch this.
Jourdan, you are pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Happy December :: 15

Happy Birthday Tommy!


I love you Tommy!
Even though I can hardly get a picture of him.
My friend Dana took this one on her cell phone.

Tommy Guitar

Happy December :: 14

Decorating the Christmas Tree.

Every year we all get a new ornament (sometimes more). All of us have a pretty good collection going. Jourdan and Layla, being the youngest, only have a couple. So we had to give Jourdan some other ornaments to hang after his ran out. We let Jourdan hang the plastic candy canes. Plastic being the key word because believe me there were plenty of "oops" and "uh ohs".

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Tree 2

These two pictures took a lot of bribing.

GaGa and her two grand babies.

GaGa and Grandkids

Mama and Kids

I hope everyone is in the holiday spirit! I can't wait for Eaan to get here!

Happy December :: 12

Christmas Tree Hunting 2

Searching for the perfect Christmas Tree...

Anna Jump

Jourdan Jump



Anna Happy

Happy December :: 11

Tommy Swim

Tommy Rocks. Period.
He got first place in the 100 meter free style!
He completely dominated. No one was even close.
He also came in third in the breaststroke.
Go Tommy!

Tommy Swim

Happy December :: 10

We call this look "Blue Steel"

Puppy Photo Shoot

Notice the yogurt on his mouth.
Puppy is part of the family and Jourdan's partner in crime so I figured I needed to take some pictures of just Puppy.

Happy December :: 09


Today we went to the Calvert Marine Museum so Jourdan could see the otters. He loved it, of course. He thought the otters were going to come through the glass and get him. I am glad we were able to go because we have been cooped up inside all week. It has been so cold here we haven't really gone anywhere outside. When my brother put the Christmas lights up a couple days ago it was in the 20's. Today it was 60 degrees! Craziness!


Hello Mr. Otter. I think the otter's names were Bubbles and ummm...Sparkles? Spanky? Something with an S. Anyway Jourdan kept calling Bubbles, Bubblegum.


I love it when he is having fun!


Layla's new name: Mo Chunks. Because she always has a mohawk (it's more like a side swept mohawk) and well, she's chunky!


Happy December :: 08


Jourdan is just starting to understand the whole Christmas thing. We went and saw Santa the other day and he sat in his lap. This is a step up from last year. Last year Jourdan sat in Eaan's lap right next to Santa. For the picture this year, he sat in my mom's lap but then he sat in Santa's lap. He even told Santa what he wanted for Right now he basically thinks Christmas is a big birthday party.

We have been reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas movies. We have a countdown going, made Christmas stories on the computer, played Christmas games and we are going to write Santa a letter. Today I found something that topped all of that. Santa actually sent Jourdan a video. And Jourdan loved it! This website is kinda cool. You can input your kid's name(s) and other information, such as their age and what they want for Christmas. Then Santa talks to them in a personalized message.

Here is Jourdan's Santa video:

Portable North Pole :: Jourdan

Here is Anna's Santa video:

Portable North Pole :: Anna

Happy December :: 07

Falling Leaves

We have been getting into the holiday spirit around here. So the other day Tommy decided it would be a good idea to put up Christmas lights. It was cold and windy outside. VERY windy. I think the windchill was 24 degrees. Perfect weather for climbing on a roof. Not. I felt bad for Tommy, for about 2 seconds. He was the one who wanted to put up the lights. And so it begins...


Tommy emerges from my room.

Tommy Butt

He makes it up the first peak.

Tommy on House

But not the second...I hope my mom doesn't see this. Sorry mom. Love you.


There he is. Good job Tommy.

Tommy on Roof

Is it cold up there?

Christmas Lights

Doing a good job with those lights!

Christmas Lights 2

Opps! Don't fall!

Christmas Lights 3

I think he is showing off now.

Jumping on the Roof

Don't worry Tommy was not hurt in the making of these pictures.

Get inside before you really hurt yourself!


Happy December :: 06

Die hard Eagles fans.

Football Sunday

We grew up a couple of miles from Philly so my brothers support the Eagles, win or lose. Our Sundays consist of football, football and some more football. One would think I would be a fan of football after being subjected to it week after week. One would think. Although, I must say they are pretty darn cute in their Eagles jerseys. We are thinking of getting Jourdan a little one. Now that would be cute!