Farewell San Diego :: 18

Sture and Eaan

Moving :: Day 2 - Working hard.

Farewell San Diego :: 17


Moving :: Day 1 - The joys of packing.

Farewell San Diego :: 16

Jourdan's Gun

"Call the vet because these puppies are sick!"

Farewell San Diego :: 15

Jourdan and Lina

The Green Bean loves Lena!

Farewell San Diego :: 14

Roller Coaster

Mission Beach Roller Coaster
Don't worry I didn't go on it, being preggers and all.

Farewell San Diego :: 13

Jourdan's Hat

Jourdan's new hat...and of course his Easter basket.

Farewell San Diego :: 12


Sunset from the Coronado Bridge.
(one of my famous "while driving" pictures)

Farewell San Diego :: 11

Eggs In A Basket

Happy Easter!!

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter Sunday. We started out with Easter baskets and a Easter egg hunt. Afterwards, we went and had breakfast and than took a walk along Mission Beach. In the afternoon we went to a friend's house to dye Easter eggs and have dinner. Now we are all tired out and going bed.


Flying Egg

Falling Eggs

Finding Eggs

Jourdan and Daddy

Jourdan and Daddy 2

Daddy and Jourdan

Jourdan and Mommy

Mamma and Jourdan

Farewell San Diego :: 10


Sea World fireworks from our balcony.

Farewell San Diego :: 09


Yes, I know he is wearing the same shirt as yesterday but he wore it to bed and it was still early in the morning. I know, I know, we were packing and having a lazy day.

Farewell San Diego :: 08

Jourdan work

Another hard day at work.

Farewell San Diego :: 07


View of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island

Farewell San Diego :: 06

Breakers Beach

A much needed break between work and errands at Breakers Beach.

Farewell San Diego :: 05

Baby Girl Shirts

New shirts for the baby girl courtesy of BULLSHIRT.

Farewell San Diego :: 04

Daddy and Jourdan

Coronado Beach, Coronado, San Diego

See more pictures here.

Farewell San Diego :: 03


Saturday's adventure happened here. No worries, everyone is fine.

Farewell San Diego :: 01

We are going to be leaving San Diego on April 19th. I have been trying to do things that I haven't yet done here in San Diego before we leave. I also have been taking a lot of pictures. I want Jourdan to have lots of pictures of his daddy before he leaves but I also want to remember San Diego and the time we have spent here. I have decided to do a little project for the next month or so. I have been inspired by many of the blogs I have been reading and browsing through lately.

I am going to post a picture everyday until we leave San Diego. Now we all know how bad I might be at this but I am going to try and post a picture everyday. Near the end I might not be so good at posting because I will probably be overwhelmed with packing. I usually procrastinate until the last minute, than go crazy and try to pack in a week. The good thing is I am just going to be posting pictures with maybe a caption so I will not have to worry about writing about the pictures. I hope this will make it easier. I really want to document our last days here in San Diego. Eaan isn't leaving until the beginning of June so he will be out here longer than I will be. I am going back home in April because he will be busy all of May getting ready to deploy.

Here is the first picture. Parks have become a regular activity for us. It's been warm and Jourdan enjoys being outside so much. He is also fascinated by airplanes. He is watching one fly by. He always points and stares in awe.


Spring is here!

Baby Shower Madness

One of my good friends, Melissa, is having twin boys! This Sunday we attended her baby shower. There were games, little kids, cake, double of everything and of course pregnant people.

Chris :: 6 months, Amanda :: 4 months, Melissa :: 5 months: there are twins in there!!)

Prego Friends

The host made sure to include the boys in the games too. Wes won.

Wes & Eaan Bottles

Jourdan just watched and laughed, so did the rest of us.

Jourdan Laughing

There are more pictures from the baby shower here. I can't wait to meet the two little boys. Wes and Melissa are going to have their hands full but I am sure they will have lots of fun.

It's a...


Little Baby

Eaan is in trouble with this one.

The Family Visits Part 2 :: Sea World

Killer Whale

Of course when family comes to town we go to Sea World! I love Sea World! The whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, polar bears, penguins, fishes and more!


Raya and Jourdan liked holding the starfish. Well, Raya liked holding the starfish...

Raya Starfish

...Jourdan liked eating them! Ewww!
(Of course we stopped him after he put the starfish in his mouth!)

Jourdan Starfish

Eaan liked drinking the free beer at Sea World. I think that is the only reason he came with us. Everyone had fun and we were able to see all the animals. I love the shows. Jourdan and Raya had lots of fun and was watching over Jourdan, making sure he didn't run away.

Holding Hands

The Family Visits Part 1 :: Gator Beach

Sand Creations

My favorite beach here in San Diego is Gator Beach. It is a military beach so during the summer tourist season not a lot of people are on it.


Gator Beach is on Coronado Island and Coronado Island is were my favorite pizza and ice cream place are. So of course when Sandra, Amanda and Raya came into town we went to Coronado on the first day.

Diggin in the Sand

We all had a great time playing in the sand but of course Jourdan wanted to play in the water. Even though it was probably 50 degrees.

Jourdan running

Of course he was hit by a wave and knocked down. Completely soaked.

All Wet

Eaan came with us too. He went for a run to get away from all the estrogen. Jourdan wanted to go with him.

Running Daddy

Yes, we had to take off all of Jourdan's clothes because they were wet. No, we did not have a change of clothes. Why would I have brought extra clothes? Babies aren't messy...are they?

Two Babies

Than he wanted to roll in the sand. Sure it's only 60 degrees outside, you are soaked and naked...go ahead.

Sandy Baby

My two boys

My Two Boys

We are going to miss the beach in San Diego.


Fiesta Island

Palms @ Fiesta Island Park

Fiesta Island Park is probably my new favorite place. Jourdan loves playing there and the park is huge. We have been trying to spend as much time with Eaan before we leave so we brought Eaan along with us this time.

Playing Ball

I think his shirt says it all.

My Parents are Exhausted

This is the last picture that you will see of Jourdan with his ball. He had a melt down and we had to take the ball away.

Ball Jourdan

So to get him to stop crying and to forget about his ball Eaan started throwing him in the air. Instead of crying, he was laughing hysterically.

Throwing Jourdan

People always get scared when Eaan does this. He likes to do it in stores or other public places.

Jourdan & Daddy

The park is right near Mission Bay. Jourdan loves the water so of course he went in...fully clothed. He got his shoes, socks and pants wet before we pulled him out of the water.

Water Sports

Than, of course, we finished off the day with the slide...

Jourdan Slide 2

...and more sliding.

Jourdan Slide

Of course his pants were soaked to his knees from the bay but that didn't stop Jourdan. It was dark, he was cold but he still wanted to stay and slide. He cried when we left but passed out in the car. Ahh, the life of an 18 month old.