Roll Layla, Roll!

I took these pictures of Layla in the middle of last month. I put them all together in a little animation for everyone. She was just getting the hang of rolling over. Now she rolls all over the place and is trying really hard to crawl. When she tries to crawl she just slides backwards!

Layla Roll

And I didn't forget about Jourdan!


Baby Blues

Look at those blue heart just melted!

Layla Eyes

Layla and Jourdan (Warning :: Cuteness Overload)

On the 21st Layla was 6 months old and on the 25th Jourdan will be 2 1/2 years old. They are growing up so fast! These pictures are from today after we went to the park. Happy Half Birthday Jourdan and Layla!

Layla and Jourdan

Layla and Jourdan

Layla and Jourdan


Layla's First Time @ The Beach!

Layla Toes In The Sand

When Jourdan, Layla and I finally moved out here to San Diego in the beginning of January the first thing we did was...go to the beach! First time those little baby toes were in the sand. Jourdan was at this same beach when he was a couple days old. Layla had to wait until she was almost 6 months old. But still...the same beach!

Layla at Beach 2

Layla Beach


Jourdan and Daddy

Jourdan Running

Jumping Boys

Happy Jourdan

Jourdan Swimming

Layla at Beach

American Girl Place

NY Statue of Liberty

In the beginning of January, before I moved back to San Diego, my mom, Anna, Anna's friend Hannah, Hannah's mom, Layla and I went to New York City. The trip was for Anna and Hannah's birthday. The highlight and the main purpose of going was to visit the American Girl Store. Every eight year old girl's dream.

NY Skyline

I was chosen to be the driver in New York City. By that I mean, no one else wanted to do it.

NY On the Way

Traffic was insane! I have never experienced anything like driving in New York before.

NY Traffic

And it was FREEZING!!

NY Freezing

But that didn't stop us from walking around all day.

NY Building

We saw Saint Patrick's Cathedral...

NY Saint Patrick's Cathedral

...and stopped by Rockefeller Center before heading over to the American Girl Store.

NY Layla and Mama

NY Tree

NY On Way to American Girl Store

The American Girl Store was crazy. There were so many people there spending money. The place was cute but definitely set up so parents would spend lot of money. We had to walk through the store to get to the Cafe, of course, which is were we had dinner.

NY American Girl Store

All the little details were adorable.

NY American Girl Store

And of course the dolls could eat with us.

NY American Girl Doll

NY American Girl Store

The dinner was good and of course afterwards we went to spend money in the store. After the American Girl Place we went out and braved the cold again to walk around town. We went over to Rockefeller Center. The girls wanted to ice skate but there were too many people so we just walked around and took in the sights.

NY Snowflake

NY Christmas Tree

NY Ice Skating Rink

NY Christmas Tree

When we got back to the hotel we took some pictures of the girls with their dolls.

NY At Hotel

Then we realized Layla was about the same size as the dolls. So cute!

NY Hotel Layla

NY Hotel Layla

The next day we went over to the site where the World Trade Towers once stood. I don't have words to describe the feeling. So many people lost their lives there.

NY World Trade Center

Afterwards we went to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.

Navy Rock

NY Statue of Liberty

NY Statue of Liberty

The sunset on the way back was beautiful.

NY Statue of Liberty

My favorite picture. I took this on the back of the ferry going back to Battery Park. The American Flag, the Statue of Liberty, the sunset...perfect.

NY Statue of Liberty

You can see more pictures here. We had a lot of fun. We wish we could have stayed longer but that just means we will have to go back!

Happy Valentine's Day


Photo taken 9/11/2007 when Eaan came back from his second deployment.

And I'm Back...Really

Ok, so I pretty much suck at posting these past couple weeks. I have been really busy. Believe me, I have plenty of pictures and stories to tell. I will probably be putting up a bunch of posts in the next week or so. I know, you can't wait...can you?

Layla and I