27 weeks

Here I am 27 weeks pregnant. I am getting rounder each day. I have a doctor appointment next week. Everything is going well but this pregnancy is a little more difficult than Jourdan's. I get tired easily, am having a lot of back pain and unable to walk around for more than 20 minutes at a time without having a lot of pain. But it will all be worth it when that little girl makes her appearance. All pictures were taken by my lovely mamma!

27 weeks Funny

27 weeks Funny

27 weeks

Jourdan and Mommy

Jourdan and Mommy

27 weeks

You can see more pictures here.

New Toys

It is getting hot here in Maryland so mom and I got Jourdan a little baby pool for the back deck.

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

Jourdan's New Pool

He also got a new bike because he outgrew the little one he had. We made sure to get him a helmet. He actually loves wearing it because Anna wears a helmet on her dirtbike. So he thinks he is really cool when he wears his helmet. He is still a little too short to reach the petals.

Jourdan's New Bike

We had a rocky start though.
Apparently I didn't put his bike together correctly.
"GaGa" had to fix it.

Jourdan's Broken Bike

Jourdan helped.

Jourdan's Broken Bike

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

About a week and a half ago we had a bad storm. Trees were down, school was delayed and it knocked out the power for most of the night. The storm started when Anna walked off the school bus, good thing Tommy had driven up to the bus stop to get her. They ran in from the car and decided it would be a lot of fun just to play in the rain. I stayed on the front porch and took pictures while Jourdan watched. He wasn't sure about the whole rain thing. Remember he is from San Diego, there isn't any weather there.

Anna in the Rain

Tommy in the Rain

Anna in the Rain

Jourdan Watching the Rain

Of course Tommy had to try out the zip line and they both had to slide in the mud on the front yard.

Pouring Rain

The Rain is Pouring Down

All Things Jourdan

Here are just some random pictures of the little man.


Jourdan Smile

Eaan would be proud. Watching NASCAR and playing the guitar.
Well actually it's a purple Ukulele but at least he is watching NASCAR.


Mother's Day Weekend

As you can see I am still a little bit behind on my blogging but I am catching up. I can't control myself, I try to get caught up but than I go and take a whole bunch of new pictures.

So anyway, we went to a baby shower over Mother's Day weekend for a family member. There were children, pregnant women, cake, presents, games and balloons. It was a lot of fun and Jourdan and I had the opportunity to see family that we haven't seen in a long time. There were a couple little babies there but Jourdan like Ava the best. He really wanted to hold her. She is only 2 months old so he wasn't allowed to but he had a lot of fun being "nice" to her.

Andi's Baby Shower

Andi's Baby Shower

I think the highlight of the day for Jourdan was the cake.

Andi's Baby Shower

I think it was Anna's favorite part too.

Andi's Baby Shower

We also stayed at our Grandmom's house, Jourdan's Great Grandmom, all weekend.
I think Jourdan and Anna had a lot of fun.

He winds up...

Playing Around

...and puppy is airborne!

Throwing Puppy

Than he decides it would be more fun to jump on Anna's head.

Jourdan Jumping

Jumping on Anna

And finally mom joins in on the fun.

Upside Down Jourdan

It was a fun Mother's Day weekend.

24 Weeks

Here I am 24 weeks pregnant. This was taken about 2 weeks ago. It is a bad picture but I just wanted everyone to see the big Buddha Belly. I will be posting some more belly pictures soon!

24 Weeks

Happy Mother's Day (a little late)

Ok so I am really tired and need to go to bed. I wanted to post these pictures though. I had a Mother's Day "shoot" with Jourdan. (This was obviously before Mother's Day.) I wanted to send some pictures of Jourdan out. There were so many funny shots that I just wanted to post them for everyone to see. Here they are. Don't worry Jourdan was not hurt during the "shoot". What can I say? He is a boy and he falls.


Photo Credit: Tommy "The Genius"


Tommy and Jourdan

Jourdan on his Bike

We had a couple of falls...

About To Fall


Getting Up

He recovered nicely though.

Jourdan and Tommy

Than he fell again.

Jourdan 4

Jourdan Falling

Jourdan Crash

He was ok.


We had fun taking these pictures. I especially like the ones where he is falling. Is that wrong? He wasn't hurt and didn't cry so I just kept clicking away. All he wanted was for me to kiss his "ouchie" than he was playing and laughing again.

More pictures to come. I have a bunch to post.


So no one will guess what my little sister, Anna, got....

a dirtbike!

Ready to Go

She named her blue dirtbike Blueberry.

First Time on Dirt Bike

She also got pink and black dirtbike clothes.
It was a little girl's dream...well at least Anna's dream.


Decked out in Pink

She Pretty Much Rocks

Decked out in Pink

Jourdan was so jealous. He wanted to ride on her dirtbike so bad.

Poor Jourdan

He got to sit on her dirtbike though.

Anna and Jourdan

Once Anna had her "training" she was ready for her first ride around the lawn.

Anna's Dirt Bike

Jourdan decided that the power wheel would do, not as good as the dirtbike but good enough.

I Wanna Ride

Than he crashed.

Almost Crashed

But he was fine and had lots of fun and so did Anna. She is getting good on her dirtbike. She even had her first real crash today and her first war wound! There are more pictures uploaded in my Flickr account. Check them out here.