It's Getting Colder...

...and that means cute little jackets and pretty Fall leaves.



4 Generations

4 Generations - 1

A couple weeks ago, when my Grandmom was in town, we did a little photo shoot. When I was a little girl, my Great Grandmother (my GG), Grandmom, mom and I had our picture taken. We call it the 4 generations picture. We did a 4 generations picture with Jourdan two Christmases ago but if and when I had a little girl we really wanted to do it again. So we did!

My GG was kind, caring and loving. I still think about her and miss her even though she has been gone for some time now. The name GG holds special meaning because that is what we called my Great Grandmother and now my Grandmom can be GG to my little ones. It was a very special day for me. Seeing my Grandmom, my mom, and my daughter all together made me think about my GG and how much I love and miss her.

4 Generations - 2

4 Generations - 5

I know this isn't a great picture but look at those cheeks!!!

4 Generations - 4

This week was the first time GG met her great granddaughter.

4 Generations - 6

I tried to get Jourdan in some pictures...I even bribed him with M& didn't work.

4 Generations - 8

It really didn't work.

4 Generations - 9

At least we are all smiling here. We are not looking at the camera, but we are all smiling.

4 Generations - 10

So cute.

4 Generations - 11

4 Generations - 12

Hey Chris! Get down here for some pictures!

4 Generations - 13

This is what starts to happen after too many pictures have been taken.

4 Generations - 14

Wait! A good one! This is where the M&Ms are vital.
Now Jourdan thinks every time we go outside he gets M&Ms...
Humm maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

4 Generations - 15

Then it's hard to get everyone to listen. Jourdan is crying, Anna lost a shoe, Tommy is laughing, then Chris pulls the chair out from under Tommy....sigh.

4 Generations - 17

What can you do? I love this one because this is who we are. We are usually being goofy and making funny faces. My Grandmom, smiling and happy. Chis and Tommy with their "are you kidding me" faces, Anna cheesing it, me cracking up, Jourdan crying and Layla could care less. :) Ahhh, family!

4 Generations - 19

Ok so I have to give credit where it's due. There were many photographers here. Tommy, my mom and I. I think my Grandmom even got in a few shots. And of course there are some more pictures here.

Nap Time with Blue & Pink Puppies

Nap Time

Nap Time

Nap Time

Jourdan :: 2 years old
Layla :: 8 weeks old

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis the other weekend. We had a good time. Jourdan got a new sword and I had funnel cake! There were many interesting people there, well what they were wearing was interesting. But the highlight was definitely the Jousting!

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Very fitting...

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Rolling around in the dirt...Perfect.

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

A Rockin' Baby

Layla Guitar Onesie 3

Tommy gave Layla this guitar onesie when she was born.
The prefect gift from my fabulous guitar playing brother.

Layla Guitar Onesie

Layla Guitar Onesie 2

Let's Go Eagles, Let's Go!

Anna has a crazy schedule filled with after school activities. She loves doing it all, dance, bowling, Hands On Science, Girl Scouts and of course Cheerleading. She cheers for the PF Eagles. We took Grandmom to one of her games while she was here. It was the Homecoming game so there were tons of people there and lots of fun things to do.

1 Eagles Cheer Game

2 Eagles Cheer Game

First we watched the game.
I must admit watching the little guys run around in football gear was pretty cute.
I can't wait until Jourdan wants to do this...

3 Eagles Cheer Game

But I mostly watched Anna cheer because, well I'm not a football person.

4 Eagles Cheer Game5 Eagles Cheer Game

6 Eagles Cheer Game7 Eagles Cheer Game

Than it was time to have fun!

8 Eagles Cheer Game

9 Eagles Cheer Game

10 Eagles Cheer Game

11 Eagles Cheer Game

12 Eagles Cheer Game

13 Eagles Cheer Game

Calvert Marine Museum

erWhen my Grandmom was here we went to the Calvert Marine Museum to check out the otters. The museum is very small and there is a small lighthouse right outside. We took a tour of the lighthouse and watched the otters play. It was sunny and 75 degrees. Perfect weather.



The sling looks uncomfortable to me but believe me she loves it. It's a Peekaboo sling. My friend got this for me when Jourdan was born but he never liked being in it, he liked to stretch out! Now I am putting it to good use. She could sleep forever in there. She just snuggles in!


Drum Point Lighthouse


I thought that the reflection of me in the glass was cool, unintentional but cool.
Jourdan was checking out the otters here.
My mom took the pictures with me in them.



Tractor Time

My Grandmom came to visit last week and I went and picked her up from my Aunt and Uncle's house. They live on a farm here in Maryland. So basically Jourdan was in heaven. He was able to ride on the tractor.


See the cows.



He LOVED it! The cows followed them back. Jourdan was in awe.


He also saw my cousin's horse and rode the lawn mower.

We ate crabs.


And by we, I mean not me. Everyone else. I have a thing about seafood.


And Jourdan played in the bird bath...don't ask.

Playing Around

Look at that stink eye. This was after I took a bunch of pictures of him and asked him to look at me and smile. He ROLLED HIS EYES at me and gave me this priceless face. Well I think we all know who he learned that from. Me. I know, unbelievable isn't it?

Stink Eye

Here is one my Uncle took of my Grandmom (GG) and Jourdan.

Grandmom & Jourdan