Another Birthday Party for Jourdan

Jourdan had another party in Maryland this Sunday, the 26th. Lucky little boy. Jourdan is still scared of ballons but he loved his ice cream cake. As you can see it's all over his face. He loved all his presents too and the doggies that came to the party. 5 in all. Jourdan loves doggies and couldn't help but feed them some of his ice cream cake.

Happy Birthday Jourdan!


Jourdan took his 1st steps today! Just a couple, but still there were 3 definite steps. He walked to Grandma! He is growing up so fast. I can't wait until Eaan comes home to see him.

Facing Forward

We had another first the other day. I switched Jourdan's car seat around to face forward. I think he really likes it. At first he was really quiet and just looked around. Now he talks, well babbles, and looks out at all the cars driving by. I took some pictures of us on his first car ride facing forward. Don't worry I was at a stoplight, not driving.

Birthday Boy!


In The World of a 1 Year Old

In the past week Jourdan has managed to...

  1. Get himself wedged halfway under the couch...chasing his ball
  2. Learn how to use a straw (who cares if it is a purple & pink cup)
  3. Get his arm stuck in baby gate while...chasing his ball
  4. Vocalize to decibels only dogs can hear
  5. Shake his head NO at me, numerous times!
  6. Turn off my computer...
  7. Open my CD player...
  8. And turn off the TV with a push of a button.
I can't wait for next week!

Jourdan's 1st Birthday!

Enjoy the pictures from Jourdan's 1st Birthday, we are having another party in Maryland next week. I will post more pictures soon!

He had a cars theme for the party. Gotta love the cake!

Happy Birthday Jourdan!

New Buzz Cut!

Jourdan got a new haircut the other day! We buzzed his head...he looks so grown up. I think his favorite game is to play catch. Well he does not catch that much but he certainly can throw the ball. He would not sit still of me to take pictures. He needed to play with his ball. That's ok because he looks cute no matter what he is doing. ;)

Look at that throw!

Those cheeks! That chin(s)! Love em!

I love his new haircut. A mohawk is coming next!

The Week of the Wisdom Tooth

Aunt Sandra and Cousin Will came out to visit Jourdan and I this past week. They were a huge help. I got my wisdom tooth pulled and they watched Jourdan while I slept. I got plenty of much needed sleep! We also made sure to have a lot of fun.

When Sandra and Will got here Jourdan got some of his birthday presents early! He loved ripping off the paper and chewing on his birthday card. He looks so cute running around pushing his little car. Thanks Grandmom and Grandpa Boughton!

Of course on a hot summer day a baby pool is a must. So we pulled out the pool and Jourdan had a ball. What is better than a pool? The Beach! We went to Dana Point and played on the beach and went Whale watching. We saw dolphins, sea lions and blue whales. They were so beautiful.

We also went to the Cabrillo National Monument. This is a lighthouse at the end of Point Loma, just a couple miles down the road from my apartment. We were able to see Eaan's squadron on Coronado from the binoculars at the monument.

I just want to say Thank you to Sandra and Will. Without you guys I don't know what I would have done. You have been such a big help over the summer with Eaan being gone.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I'm The Girl...

You don't know, but I'm the girl who cries every morning, and prays every night for his safe return. I'm the girl who drags herself out of bed every morning so that he will be proud of her when he comes home. I'm the girl who lies in bed longing for him to be lying next to me. I'm the girl who sits quietly at home because all I can think about is that next moment when he will safely be in my arms again. You don't know, but I'm the girl with a million things to say, but not one will come out without the thought of him. I'm the girl who checks my cell phone every five seconds just to make sure I haven't missed his call. I'm the girl who stops and stares and wishes for him to return soon each and every time another man in uniform walks by.

What you don't know is that I know love on an entirely different level from most. I know the love that spans time and space; that love that most people are constantly searching for. I'm one of the girls who waits months for a single kiss; a kiss that will make the months apart worth every second. A kiss where everything in the world stops and for what seems like eternity, you can see into that person's soul and know that without them, life is not worth living. You tell me, I'm too young to be "so in love"; I know that love has no age limit. You tell me I don't even understand what love is, I tell you, I know more love in one homecoming, than most know in a life time. You don't know that every time he leaves part of me goes with him and part of him stays with me. You tell me that people change and I tell you, true love with always remain constant and steady. You tell me, I'm too young to be married, I tell you, and I'm too in love to not be. You tell me you know how I feel and that you understand what I'm going through; you have no idea. What you don't realize is that I understand the true meaning of not only love, but of longing and anticipation.

You don't see, but I'm one of the few who gets goose bumps as my heart fills with pride every time the National Anthem is played. I'm one of the girls who will stand tall and stay strong on the outside, but be dying on the inside. I am one of the girls who will make friends with complete strangers for only they can even begin to understand what I am going through. You don't understand that I picture his face everywhere I go and that he is with me in everything I do. You think I don't cry anymore, that I have gotten over it, but what you don't know is that I just hide it better.

You don't know the feeling the first time you hear the word deployment or the feeling of his hands as it slides out of yours for what could be the last time. You don't know what that last hug or kiss means and how important that goodbye truly is. I'm the girl you see standing alone in the corner of the airport watching quietly out the window with tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm the girl you see walking by with a disheartened face staring silently at the ground. What you don't know, is that I know true love and that no matter what obstacles we have to face, our love will live forever, that only we know.

You tell me that you support the troops; I tell you, I'm in love with one. I'm one of the silent, but outgoing; weak, but strong; scared, but grateful. What you don't see is that without me, he is nothing and without him, I am nothing. I'm one of those girls; the girl who stands tall behind her Soldier, stands proud behind her Hero, stands strong behind her man, watching silently as he serves and defends our country.

~Author Unknown

Wisdom Tooth

I am getting my wisdom tooth pulled today. Yes, my one wisdom tooth. This means I haven't eaten since midnight...I am hungry. I can't eat for another 4 hours. After that I am sure I will not care about my stomach anymore. Really looking forward to this, at least I am getting knocked out. I will be putting up some new posts as soon as the pain in my jaw subsides. I better news, Jourdan will be 1 on August 25th! I can not believe he is already almost one!