Water Baby

Being able to go to the beach anytime is the best thing about living in San Diego.
Jourdan has been to the beach but has never played in the sand or been in the ocean. Finally, I can not believe it took us 7 months to get him there but we did. He loved the sand the minute he put his little toes in it. Immediately he began to pile sand on his legs...I was waiting for the sand to enter into his mouth. It took awhile but it did happen.

had a blast playing in and eating the sand. The shells were especially tasty too. Than it was time to put those little baby toes into the water. He was not scared, in fact he made a beeline for the water. I also got to go int
o the water. If everyone will notice the right foot. Completely wet.

Jourdan loved the ocean, so the wet foot was worth it! I can not wait until I can take him back for some more fun in the sun!

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