Jourdan Jourdan Jourdan

We are doing good out here in San Diego. We found out that Eaan will be going to Hawaii for a month or so in October and that he might be deploying again in June '08. Crazy, huh. Gotta love the military. We haven't been doing much but getting back into a routine. Jourdan is growing up so fast. We had a little photo session the other day and I took maybe 150 pictures. Don't worry I deleted a lot of them. I love digital cameras! You can take as many pictures as you want and just delete the bad ones. Jourdan always tries to grab the camera, he wants to play with it more than smile for me. But that's ok. I got some good shots. He still loves that little blue puppy; sleeps with him every night.

My little camera ham.

I love this picture, I got it right before the tears started rolling. It's true to life, you can't be happy all the time.

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faithsalutes said...

So cute. Jourdan is absolutely adorable.