Growing, growing, growing!

Jourdan is growing so fast. He is doing so much. He crawls like a madman...he loves to follow the cat around. He is pulling himself up and standing anywhere he can. He cruises around the furniture, talking baby talk the whole time. Jourdan's new favorite thing is to pull all of his toys out of his baskets...basically pulling anything out of everything and than leaving a path of destruction. He follows me everywhere and gets jealous when I hold other babies. He does not want to share mommy. I can not believe he is 8 1/2 months old already!
He s watching Baby Einstein, My First Signs.

He has not learned any signs yet but he still has time.

He misses his daddy like crazy. I made him a photo book with pictures of Eaan in it. We look at the book everyday. When I ask him, "Where is Daddy?" and he points to Eaan's picture and says Dada. It is so cute! Jourdan misses Eaan so much. Jourdan looks for him to come through the front door whenever I talk about Eaan.

Eaan is in Hawaii and having fun on his cruise so far. It is funny that it's called a cruise. I would not describe it that way. Eaan should be sending pictures soon. He is currently unable to access the Internet but that could change. He only has access to e-mail.

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