Yesterday Jourdan had another first...





It was so gross. I had to remove the spider from his mouth. I do not think I got the whole spider, I think he swallowed part of it. EWWW!!

We were having a nice day at work. As we were getting ready to leave I noticed that Jourdan was not making any noise. Hummm, my first sign. I walked over to him as he was sitting sweetly on the floor, being VERY good. He looks up at me with a strange look on his face. "Why, Jourdan...what is wrong?" And that is when I see it...a spider leg hanging out of his mouth! I was freakin' out! How gross!

The best part was that Jourdan did not understand what was going on. So as I was trying to get the spider out of his mouth he felt it was necessary to close his mouth as tightly as he could. He was crying because I was trying to get my finger into his mouth to push out the spider. So I proceeded to use a good old fashion bribe!

"Jourdan, do you want a snack?" Of course he did! And that mouth came right open, but instead of his snack going into his mouth my finger went in to get that little, disgusting, eight-legged creature out of his mouth. Of course this traumatized the poor child. I think I scared him more trying to get the spider out of his mouth than if I let him actually eat the spider.

Well needless to say I think I got about half the spider out and oh say, 6 legs...yeah, I know. I get chills just thinking about. As I wiped the little crocodile tears from his face, I let him wash the remnants down with some juice and cheerios. Ahhh, a happy baby once again.

I WISH I had gotten my phone and taken a picture!

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He is definitely a member of the the "Green" Family!