We went to Phoenix this weekend to see family. We had a lot of fun, hanging out and hiking in Sedona. It was beautiful in Sedona. We were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon but that trip was called off until the spring, unfortunately. Jourdan got cold feet, literally, when we were hiking. He wanted to go in the we let him. Than of course he got mad when we took him out of the water.

Jourdan is walking all the time now. He has the toddler waddle down now. I love buying him shoes. Of course. He babbles all the time and has started yelling at me when he is angry. Let the temper tantrums start. He had one in Target the other day. All because I took wrapping paper rolls from him. But his little smile melts hearts. Eaan even said that, "he is becoming too cute and irresistible."

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