Crazy Dreams

I have been having crazy dreams since I have been pregnant. When I was prego with Jourdan I had some too but can't remember those anymore. Which is why I wanted to write these down so I could remember my dreams for when I wanted to reminisce. I always start writing things down in one place and than in another and than I lose the paper... I figured I can't lose it this way, right? They are pretty ridiculous and my family seems to think it's funny.

When I was about 4 months along I had a dream that I went blind. This was very disturbing to me, almost real. Than I woke up in the middle of the night and really thought I was blind for about 10 seconds. Than reality set in and I could see our cat tearing around the room.
About a month ago I had a dream that someone was going to break in and kidnap me. This kept me up half the night. It's my fault for reading about kidnappings right before I went to bed and it is Jeff's fault because he left the ladder leaning against the house right next to the window.

Two weeks ago I had a dream that Jourdan fell off the Hoover Dam and he lived.
All I can say is ???????

Then last week I had a dream that instead of a girl I had a boy. I was upset because I would have to give away all the little girl clothes I have received. And because I wouldn't be able to shop for cute little outfits.
So all this leads me to believe that I am a little crazy. But most of you already knew that. Hey my brother had a dream that he got beat up by the number maybe its not because I am prego...

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