1 Baby Green2 Chris

We had a Baby Shower / Welcome Home Chris party on July 20th before we went to the beach. I am about 35 weeks here. I figured I needed to post these pictures and the pictures from the beach before the little one is born or I will never get these pictures up. Thank you to everyone who came to the party. I loved seeing everyone and it was nice to have the whole family together. Enjoy the pictures!

Good Food

4 More Good Eats

Pool Time

5 Pool Time

Cupcake Smashing

6 Cupcake Anna7 Cupcake Anna

Music Playing

8 Piano Boys

Present Time

10 Presents

Zip Line

11 Zip Line Anna

12 Zip Line Anna13 Zip Line Anna

Me, Anna, Tommy, our cousin Kit and Chris

15 Cousins

Me, Kit, Chris and Anna

16 Cousins

Jourdan and I

17 Mommy and Jourdan

Fireworks were a nice finish to the day.

19 Fireworks

20 Fireworks

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