Layla Leigh Green

Jourdan and Layla

Layla Leigh Green
Born :: 8/21/08 @ 5:01 am
9 lbs 1 oz
20.5 inches long

We are doing great and adjusting to having a new baby around. She is the cutest little thing in the world. Hummm, I take that back Jourdan is pretty cute too. I think they are tied. Just don't tell Jourdan, he thinks he is the cutest. There are plenty of pictures to come when I feel more up to it.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Its a toss up for the cuttest baby. We are so glad to see Princess Layla and to know that all went well. It just kills me that I can't drive over in just a few hours and spend time with you three. Miss you terribly. More photos when you can, please. Give my boy a big fat hug and a kiss. Regards to Blue Puppy as well. - NANA

lance said...

P.S. Printed 4 copies of the arrival photo with Jourdan. Grandma Maddie sent them to Aunt Bev, Aunt Ruthy, and Aunt Avis (Gram Maddie's sisterin CT; Eaan's Great Aunts). One already framed for the "grandchild montage of fame". Think Layla holds the record for quickest entry into the wall of fame.