New Year's Eve

New Year 2009 Piano

So let me take everyone back a couple weeks to New Year's Eve. I was still in Maryland at that point but Eaan was driving across the country. Eaan was able to celebrate with family in Texas while Jourdan, Layla and I stayed in and celebrated with my mom and the family. We had a yummy dinner and Tommy played music for us throughout the night on various instruments. We played Wii and waited for midnight to roll around. Jourdan actually made it to midnight but crashed right after. Good food and fun times with family, what more could you ask for.

Happy New Year! (a little late)

New Year 2009 Layla Leigh

New Year 2009 Yummy Food

New Year 2009 J and L

New Year 2009 J and L 2

New Year 2009 J and L 3

New Year 2009 Wii

New Year 2009 Tired Boy

New Year 2009

New Year 2009 Hugs

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Anonymous said...

OMG - almost a month behind! Move or no move...this is one for the OC records books! JK "-0. Still don't show a reply to my email(s) sent to Let me know if you all are coming this way for the game on Sunday. Rumor has it that Stu and Amanda and the kids are thinking of coming out around 2/14.....Let me know if you are coming to cheer on the Big Birds. XXXXX Nana