Torrey Pines

Leah, Jourdan & I have been going on hikes in Torrey Pines for the past couple weeks. Eaan & I would always go before he left for deployment, now I have a new buddy until he comes home.
We had some strudel in the morning so we decided to take an extra long hike. We walked all the trails...about 4 miles or so. We even had some music for our hike. There was a man playing bagpipes. Nice music to walk to. It was a beautiful day. It was awesome and we were beat by the end of the day. Jourdan on the other hand was relaxed and ready to play. I mean he got to ride around in a backpack all day long. He slept and looked at all the scenery. And Jourdan only peed on Leah once! (Last time he peed on her twice)

Jourdan & I have been hiking and running 2 miles a day to get in shape. Well Jourdan has just been enjoying the ride. Finally, I lost all my baby weight, just in time for the British Virgin Islands! We will be leaving on Saturday morning and I guarantee that there will be plenty of pictures when we get back. Last time my mom and I took almost 3,000 pictures between the two of us, yes you read right, 3,000. So when I get to Maryland I will be posting lots of pictures from our vacation. I can not wait until we leave! Only 4 1/2 more days until a much needed vacation!

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