This week has been so hectic with the wildfires I forgot to mention that Jourdan started Daycare on Monday. So the first day wasn't great. He cried for an hour when I left. I cried a little too so I understand his pain. Ahhh, the joys of separation anxiety. He has been there 4 days now. The second day he was good, only cried for 10 minutes and was a little fussy. The third day he just cried the whole time. He does this thing were he throws himself on the floor and wines when he is not happy. He did that the whole time. The fourth day Eaan dropped him off. Eaan said he cried and screamed when he left. I was so worried going to pick him up. I thought, poor Mrs. Jane (Daycare lady's name), he probably cried the whole time. But when I walked in the door her older son said he didn't cry at all. I was shocked! Apparently he laid in his little cot the whole time and held his puppy. He played with the kids from the cot. They would give him cars and play with his toes and move him around so he could watch TV. He slept for about an hour but wouldn't get up. I guess it was his security blanket, his little bed. My mom says that when I was little and she left me with a babysitter I would just go to sleep. That's how I dealt with it. So I guess it runs in the family. When I got there on that fourth day he was so cute. Just held his arms up and wanted me to hold him. That is how the week ended on Thursday. We will see how next week goes.

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