My Poor Boys

Today was a sick day at the Green house. Both Jourdan and Eaan are sick with colds. I am not sick (knock on wood) so I get to take care of the boys. Jourdan gets really lovey when he is sick and just wants to be held all day. So we decided not to got to SeaWorld like we planned, stayed in our PJs all day and put together Jourdan's new toy bin. Jourdan was a big help, he held the directions for me. Unfortunately Eaan had to go on watch tonight but we were able to spend all morning together.

Jourdan has been sick all week but he is getting better. Eaan just got sick yesterday right before we were supposed to go to the Haunted Hotel in downtown. He hadn't wanted to go, so I wonder if his sickness was planned...But he has promised me he will make a HUGE effort to go to the Haunted Hotel with me next Friday night. There will probably be about a million people there but oh well. We ventured downtown last night and when we found out the wait to get a ticket was 10 minutes and the line to actually get into the hotel was 1 hour Eaan told me he was not waiting in the line. (Due to his sickness) I tried to tell him he has waited in lines longer than that for rides but apparently I can't compare it to Six Flags were he waited 3 hours for the X (awesome ride though). It's not the same, for whatever reason. Anyway I am so excited, I can't wait to pee my pants next weekend. I love being scared!

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