San Diego Firestorm 2007

Photo By: Sean M Hafffey/San Diego Union-Tribune/Zuma Press

10/22/07 Lunchtime: Fire, fire everywhere...Ahhh! Don't worry we are not in danger but there is a lot of smoke in the air and ash falling. I am going to try and be one of those stupid people who stop and take pictures (just kidding). We were told not to go to work today unless it was absolutely necessary to make the world go round...and stay off your cell phone.

I started to head to work (before I found out how bad the fires were) and than realized they were evacuating people right around the area I work...humm I turned around and headed home. I am still going to my other job at the hair salon, I mean come on people still need to look good. I am about to leave for that but I am not worried about going there, it's downtown and if downtown gets evacuated we are in a lot of trouble.

We are in a state of emergency and fires are burning everywhere. The fire department is worried about two fires merging. A fire has also jumped the 15 freeway. You know it's serious when the fire starts jumping the freeway. There is a fire south of us too. I can't keep track anymore. Schools are closed all over the place, not even due to the actual fire but due to evacuations and poor air quality. So basically we shouldn't be outside. Anyway I will write more later after all this is over. But have no fear...oh look there is now a fire in El Cajon, that's where we used to live. Awesome, glad we moved out of East County. Anyway I'll update in a day or two.

10/22/07 12:30 pm Update: Just heard on the news that they are delaying normal broadcasting but don't worry they will play the soap operas after midnight so you can all calm down...

10/22/07 10:00 pm New Update: Heroes is postponed until Sunday night! Ahhhhh....what am I going to do. Forget you Channel 7. Prison Break was only postponed until midnight, thank you!!...FOX 6 knows what's up. Oh and just so EVERYONE knows Days of Our Lives will be on at 3:05 am (What?) I guess there are some die hard fans out there.....

Now that the important information is out there I'll update you on the fires. The fires are getting closer (I think there are 8 burning in SD county currently)...they evacuated all the way to the coast about 15 miles north of where we live, yikes. I am starting to think of everything I can grab...hummm, actually I am trying to think how in the world am I going to be able to take my awesome king size mattress with me?

Can't go to work tomorrow now, damn! They evacuated the building I believe. In case you all are keeping up with the news I work up north by Mira Mesa, right on the southern border of the evacuations (the 56 freeway). The air quality is horrible here, everyone is coughing and wheezing. Jourdan already has a cold so this isn't making it any better. The air stinks of smoke and at times (depending on the wind direction) there is ash falling. Eaan's squadron is on call this week. Hopefully they will be able to get out there and help as many people as they can. They have evacuated approximately 300,000 people.

I am so thankful I am not up north or south of me where everyone has been evacuated. I have faith that the fire department will save as many houses as they can and contain these fires. Hopefully no one else will be hurt . The UCSD burn unit has reached max capacity, along with hospitals, and evacuation shelters. I am thankful I still have my apartment and pray for those who have been evacuated, hurt and fighting these fires.

10/23/07 11:00 pm New Update:
Well the fires are still burning, over 500,000 people have been evacuated. There are not any fires too close to my apartment. I was on Coronado today looking at San Diego and the sky was brown. There was clouds of smoke coming from inland. I could not even see the mountains in the distance, the sky was so dingy. If I am able to, I am going to volunteer with some friends tomorrow down at Qualcomm stadium; it's one of the evacuation shelters. I think there was something like 10,000 people there last night. A lot of people lost everything in the fires, I can't even imagine. The least I can do is offer my help.

10/25/07 11:07 pm New Update: The fires are still burning but people are being allowed back in their homes, if their house is still there. Many people are coming home to a pile of ash and rubble. The fires are being contained although there is still danger. I was able to go back to work today, the area wasn't burned it was just evacuated as a precaution. I have been watching on the news everyone going back to their burnt and destroyed homes. It's very upsetting. It's been a tough week...but it's getting better. Let the clean up begin.

This site has great coverage of the fires: SignOnSanDiego

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