I had my 24th Birthday party last night. Of course it was a great time.
Yet another party at the Cutrer's!
Not too much has been going on except birthdays & holidays. Last month we celebrated Eaan's birthday and Thanksgiving and so far this month we have celebrated my birthday. Christmas vacation is coming up. I love December! :) I am looking forward to 10 days off and my mom is looking forward to spoiling her grandson. Nothing much else to report. We have been lounging around the house every weekend and than working like crazy all week. My day consists of, wake up, get ready, get Jourdan ready, go to work, drop Jourdan off at daycare, go to my other job, come home & eat dinner, put Jourdan to bed and than its time for me to go to bed. I wish there were more hours in the day. I am looking forward to Christmas. My favorite holiday!

Happy Holidays!

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