Hungry Boys + Commissary = $400 in Food

So we went shopping last week and we bought so much food it was ridiculous! I forgot that I took pictures of the cart. Thought I would share with everyone. People in the store were asking me if I was able to push the cart by myself. The funny thing is I was having a hard time pushing it. At the checkout the cashier had to stop scanning our items twice so the bagger could catch up. You are probably wondering why we bought so much food. Well, Eaan eats so much, if he didn't there wouldn't be anything left of him. Especially since he is in "training" now. Jourdan is also starting to eat a lot too. If we have any more boys I will never be able to keep enough food in the house!

In my defense the soda on the bottom was for the guys at work...I am trying not to drink it anymore...I am not succeeding.

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