"I'm not happy with you today Mommy"

Today was a rough day for me and the little guy. He is getting two bottom teeth and I think they were bothering him today. We started out the morning ok, but than, disaster. I took the remote away from him. Anyone with kids knows this is an extremely bad idea. He proceeded to fall to the floor, sobbing and crying like I had just thrown out his blue puppy.

Blue Puppy = LOVIE. If we ever lost little blue puppy I honestly don't think he would sleep...which is why I bought another one...backup. I just switch them every once in awhile so they both get worn out...I know I know...Genius!

Anyway so I let him cry and than gave him a bath. When I took him out he was so upset that he hit me in the face. He has been doing this lately...throwing things and hitting. I think he was just flailing but my face caught the brunt of it. Of course he got yelled at and of course he cried.

As we were about to leave the house I took my keys away from him. Now I normally don't let him play with them but he found them in my purse. He was standing in front of the door with it open so when I took the keys he sat down right there and started crying. So after repeated attempts to get him out the door, I just pushed him out. Don't worry no step, I just nudged him a foot and he continued to cry outside on the front step. Normally he is running when he gets outside...FREEDOM! But no, he just sat there and cried so I carried him to the car and put him in there...still crying. He quieted down after I turned on some music. Works every time.

When I dropped him off at daycare, where all the kids call him Jacob, he gave me a look that said "I'm not happy with you today Mommy". I warned Ms. Jane about his little 'tude.

On a happier note he did not cry when I dropped him off yesterday; he had the sad face but no tears. And yes the children all call him Jacob. I don't know if they can not pronounce Jourdan or what but Eaan is mad. He wanted to name our next little boy Jacob if we have one. I don't mind, in some circles people still call Jourdan Wolfgang...thanks Tracey...Wolfgang Green. Go ahead say it out loud.

Back to the day, when I picked up Jourdan he, of course, had his little 'tude all day but he was happy to see me and gave me a big hug. So we hopped in the car and I thought this would be a perfect time to take our Christmas card pictures since he seemed to be in a better mood. I even went to McDonald's and bought him a Happy Meal so he could eat that while we took pictures in front of the tree. Here is how that went:

It started out ok I couldn't get the color right so I was having problems with that and of course he wouldn't stand in front of the tree after the first picture.

So cute, not sure if it's good for Christmas Cards though...

Than he started to melt down...(This might be the winner!)

Than he found a present.

I am actually surprised it took him that long to rip one open. The presents have been sitting under the tree for a couple days. I felt the little guy deserved it after I put him in a sweater vest and made him, well tried to make him stand in front of the tree for an hour. Needless to say the minute that sweater vest came off, I put him right to bed. It was a long day. I think I need to do action shots with him. We are going to see Christmas lights tomorrow at Balboa Park, maybe I can get some good shots there. Or with Santa. We will see. I am sure Jourdan will let me know what he wants.

Well I am off to bed its been a long day and I need some sleep if I am going to get through tomorrow. Yeah Christmas shopping, Balboa Park and rambunctious 1 year olds!

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