Happy December :: 08


Jourdan is just starting to understand the whole Christmas thing. We went and saw Santa the other day and he sat in his lap. This is a step up from last year. Last year Jourdan sat in Eaan's lap right next to Santa. For the picture this year, he sat in my mom's lap but then he sat in Santa's lap. He even told Santa what he wanted for Right now he basically thinks Christmas is a big birthday party.

We have been reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas movies. We have a countdown going, made Christmas stories on the computer, played Christmas games and we are going to write Santa a letter. Today I found something that topped all of that. Santa actually sent Jourdan a video. And Jourdan loved it! This website is kinda cool. You can input your kid's name(s) and other information, such as their age and what they want for Christmas. Then Santa talks to them in a personalized message.

Here is Jourdan's Santa video:

Portable North Pole :: Jourdan

Here is Anna's Santa video:

Portable North Pole :: Anna

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