Grandmom Ruth's 90th Birthday Party

The weekend before Christmas we went to PA to celebrate Great Grandmom Ruth's 90th birthday!

GR Layla and Jourdan

GR Layla

GR Jourdan

Family, good times, good food and lots of fun.
Thank you Grandmom Carol for putting it all together!

GR Anna

Aunt Anna and Layla. They are so cute!

GR Anna and Layla

I think Jourdan was done smiling at this point.
This was the best shot my mom could get of us.
At least Layla and I are being good. :)

GR Manda Jourdan and Layla

After the party some of the family stayed to hang out and open presents. Jourdan took an interest in chess.

GR Jourdan Chess

GR Jourdan Chess 2

After the party we went and saw Christmas Lights at Hershey Park.

Christmas Lights

Before coming home the next day we stopped in and saw Santa at Chocolate World.


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