North Carolina :: Week One

Alright, I am back! Well sort of. I know everyone wants to see pictures of Layla, which I will have up in the next couple of days, but first I am going to post pictures from our vacation in North Carolina. I never was able to post them before I had her. So now until I have put together my post of pictures of Layla these will have to do.

1 Topsail 08 Jourdan

We went to Topsail, North Carolina at the end of July/beginning of August. I was about 37 weeks pregnant and, for the most part, uncomfortable. That was to be expected though. What I didn't count on was the swelling. I was so swollen from the heat, humidity and traveling that you couldn't even see my ankles. Believe me this was a running joke the entire vacation.

My mom and I took about, oh I don't know, 2500 pictures over a two week period. I know, we have a problem, we are currently seeking therapy. Anyway, basically I don't remember who took the pictures but it was either my mom or I. I bet Eaan and Jeff are thanking their lucky stars they bought us digital cameras...can you imagine developing all those pictures? Now on to all the pictures...keep in mind this is only the first week.

Here is the beach house we stayed in.

2 Beach House

Our boardwalk to the beach.

3 To The Beach

And of course the ocean.

4 The Ocean

My little man. He was pointing to a helicopter flying by. Every time one would fly by he would point and yell "Daddy". It was pretty darn cute.

5 Pointing to Helo

Anyway, Jourdan had a lot of fun on the beach. He boogie boarded, built sand castles, jumped waves, collected shells, had temper tantrums, and got a nice little surfer tan. The best thing , by far, were the buckets.

8 Jourdan Buckets

My mom and Corey started doing this a couple years ago and it works great. We (as in we, I don't mean me) would just fill those buckets with water and let the kids play in them. It kept them by us and away from the ocean so we weren't constantly going up and down the beach. Well it kept my mom and Corey from constantly going up and down the beach. I, on the other hand, was permanently parked in a beach chair. As you can imagine I wouldn't have been much help anyway.

6 The Kiddos in Buckets

Pictures, pictures and more pictures...

7 Jourdan Toes

9 Flipping Chris

10 The Babies

Jourdan learning to boogie board.

11 Jourdan's Board

12 Jourdan Testing The Waves

30 Jourdan

29 Boarding Jourdan

13 Jourdan Pulling Tommy

14 Halimeda

15 The Kids

16 Tommy Jump

17 Frisbee Jourdan

18 Sandy Jourdan

19 Jumping The Waves

20 Running From Waves

Of course I can't forget to mention the Jet Skis. We brought the Jet Skis with us, which I thought would be a hassle but turned out being a lot of fun. Of course I couldn't go on them. But they were pretty easy to get down to the beach. The guys had a trailer and would wheel them down to the water's edge and push them in. My job was to get pictures of the guys "getting air". Which they did, except for Mike, along with getting knocked off and rolled, oh wait only Chris rolled the Jet Ski. Which, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get pictures of.

First they crank the Jet Ski up on the trailer.

21 Loading Jet Ski

Than Chris pushes the trailer to the water in a Bay Watch style fashion.

22 Taking Jet Ski to Water

Finally the Jet Ski is pushed into the water and off the trailer.

23 Putting in Jet Ski

24 Jourdan Jet Ski

31 Mom and Jeff Jet Ski

Now on to the jumps...


32 Chris Jet Ski


33 Tommy Jet Ski


34 Jeff Jet Ski

The Family in North Carolina.

25 Family Picture

26 Everyone

27 Jourdan and Chris

28 Anna and Chris

Coming up next....Week Two.

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