North Carolina :: Week Two

Are you ready for more pictures? Well you don't have a choice.

Ga-Ga had to take Jourdan in the water all the time. I didn't feel like I would be the best person to venture in with him. I mean I probably would have floated away. I was more buoyant at that point in time.

1 Grandmom and Jourdan

He actually got air!

2 Halimeda and Jourdan

There is that bucket again.

3 Jourdan in Bucket

Jourdan let the kite go right after they let him hold it. You should have seen everyone jump for the kite as it flew by. Thankfully a guy on the beach grabbed it before it flew away.

7 Jourdan Kite

4 Kite

One morning Jourdan had a pretty good fall. He tripped and whacked his head on the coffee table. This bump appeared within a minute. He was fine, it just looked worse than it really was.

5 Jourdan Bump

He didn't like being knocked down by waves but that didn't keep him from going back into the water.

6 Wave Jourdan

Poor Jourdan. Anna to the rescue!


He even got back on the boogie board after the wave rolled him.

13 Jourdan Board

Look at my mom and Corey go!

8 Push Jet Ski

We were lucky. We had thunderstorms almost every night but there was only one day where we couldn't go on the beach in the afternoon because of a storm.

14 Ocean

I don't know if he is actually helping make the sandcastle or destroying it.
It looks like he is helping.

15 Sandcastle

But looks can be deceiving.

16 Sandy Baby another bucket.

17 Jourdan Bucket

It was great to spend time with my little man before his baby sister made her appearance.

18 Jourdan and Mamma

19 Topsail A A J

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Anonymous said...

We are all so thankful not only that you take 2500 photos over a 14 day period -- but that they are always good photos! Loved every one! Thanks for posting. -Nana