Open Ocean Jumps

Here are a couple of Eaan doing open ocean jumps out of the Helicopter.



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Marc Sevigny said...

Hey Amanda,

It's Marc... Dont know if you check these, but I'd thought i'd leave a little note. I actually found this while Googling Eaan's's how i always find the article about that save he had when he was Det'd on board Rueben James. Anyways, I just wanted to say that the family looks great. Glad Eaan finally got to do some open water jumps...Always telling me how he always wanted to do that. I'm gonna be gone again when Eaan comes back. They are sending me to Iraq for a year. My e-mail at Balboa is, and my civilian account is Give those to him for me if you get a chance. I havent talked to him since before he left on deployment because i never got his e-mail. Hope all is well.