Tractor Time

My Grandmom came to visit last week and I went and picked her up from my Aunt and Uncle's house. They live on a farm here in Maryland. So basically Jourdan was in heaven. He was able to ride on the tractor.


See the cows.



He LOVED it! The cows followed them back. Jourdan was in awe.


He also saw my cousin's horse and rode the lawn mower.

We ate crabs.


And by we, I mean not me. Everyone else. I have a thing about seafood.


And Jourdan played in the bird bath...don't ask.

Playing Around

Look at that stink eye. This was after I took a bunch of pictures of him and asked him to look at me and smile. He ROLLED HIS EYES at me and gave me this priceless face. Well I think we all know who he learned that from. Me. I know, unbelievable isn't it?

Stink Eye

Here is one my Uncle took of my Grandmom (GG) and Jourdan.

Grandmom & Jourdan

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