Roller Coasters and Calf Muscles

I finally have the rest of the pictures from when my mom was here. I am only about a month behind in posting. My next post will be Easter pictures. So I know you are all excited about that. :)

Oh, just assume that if I am in the picture my mom took it and if she is in the picture I took it. Yup, I know that cleared a lot for everyone. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. I actually think she took a lot of these but then again I kept taking her camera. So basically who knows.

Anyway, we went to Belmont Park in Mission Beach while my mom was here. Before I leave San Diego (whenever that may be) one of the things I wanted to do was ride the roller coaster at Belmont Park. Now I can check that off my list. The day started like this...


This is a bad way to start the day. Why, you ask? Because if you wake Jourdan up from a nap then you might as well go hide in the corner and cry. He is one cranky boy when he gets woken up...humm, just like his daddy. But after he saw the carousel and the boat ride it was like magic. Not a frown anywhere on his face.

Boat Ride

Anna and I took this opportunity to go on the Giant Dipper, the roller coaster that I have always wanted to go on. It wasn't the best roller coaster I had ever been on but Anna's face afterward was priceless. It made the whole ride awesome. I couldn't have gone with anyone else and had that much fun.

We are the 3rd car, 6th row back.

Roller Coaster

Jourdan is still having fun on that boat ride. I'm going to go ahead and say my mom took this since I was on the roller coaster.

Boat Ride

Next stop, the carousel.


I love this one because you can see Eaan and Jourdan in the mirror.


Then the Crazy Submarine. I am surprised Jourdan wanted to go on so many rides.

Crazy Submarine

I had a blast on the bumper cars. Anna was mad because she wasn't tall enough to drive. So she pouted the whole time. I think she secretly had fun though. I sure did. :)


Boat ride...again. Anna is still upset because she didn't get to drive the bumper car.

Boat Ride

We wrapped the day up at the beach.

Jourdan Flying

The next day we took a hike on Mt. Soledad where we saw many beautiful flowers.



Many beautiful yellow flowers.


Ahh, there is a different color.


Then, of course, we compared calf muscles. This will only be understood by a select few. And I know, I am the lame one wearing jeans.

Calf Muscles

And of course we jumped for joy.

Happy Eaan

Then we actually got to the memorial.

Mt Soledad Memorial

I am so glad my mom and sister came to visit. We had a great time. I hope they can come again sometime this summer. Love you guys bunches! I am going to end with this picture. I think Layla is pleading with me (or my mom, not sure, once again) through her eyes to save her from her dad and brother. I have a feeling I will see this look often throughout her life. :)

Playing Around

Videos to come soon...I hope.

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