The Amazing Layla

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. I have tons of pictures from when my mom was here and from various other activities. My computer has been complaining a lot so I am in the process of removing some of the 25,000 pictures off the hard drive. I only had 1 GB of space left last week on my computer. Opps. Anyway, until I make some room I can't put the pictures from my mom on my computer. So instead I have a couple of pictures from my camera phone of Layla's progress these past couple of weeks.

In the past couple of weeks Layla has started sitting up on her own, crawling, going from crawling to sitting, pulling up to her knees and just the other day pulling up to her feet and bouncing (This just in...Layla took a couple of steps while standing just a few minutes ago!). All in the past couple weeks. It's been quite amazing. Jourdan spread all these milestones out. I guess Layla wanted to get them out of the way all at once. She has also been eating "real" food and talking. I like to think mama is her favorite word but Eaan thinks dada is because she said that first. She talks to herself (and others) all the time, laughs (at people/things), has facial expressions and is mobile. Everything is a lot less blob like and more little person like.

Layla Sitting

Jourdan loves his little sister. They play together all the time. Although he doesn't like it when she takes his toys. Here they were playing with Jourdan's cars. And he didn't even mind. Amazing.

Jourdan and Layla

Layla loves all things Jourdan. She is fascinated by him.

Jourdan and Layla

Here she is pulling up. Sorry I don't have any of her standing.

Pulling Up

These were camera phone pictures so they aren't that great but until my hard drive is clear these will have to do.

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