Sea World


When my mom and sister were here we went to Sea World. We all had a blast. It is late and I am tired so I am not going to write much. So here are the pictures from Sea World.

Jourdan watching Orcas for the first time.

Watching Orcas

Smashing pennies. I love doing this. Even though it's a waste of money. My face is a lovely blue color because we are right by the Orca tank.

Smashing Pennies

Little Layla watching the Shamu show. She started out in this outfit but by the end of the day she went through all her clothes and was wearing Jourdan's.

Layla Drinking


Sitting in the splash zone and loving it!

Watching Orcas 2

About to get soaked.

Orca 2

Getting soaked!


Got Milk?

Got Milk 2

Got Milk

My mom and Eaan drinking their $8 beers. At least they got to keep the cup. I say cup because it was plastic, not glass.


Jourdan was watching dolphins but I am not sure what was going on in this photo.

Watching Dolphins

Love them!

Anna, Eaan and Jourdan

Anna watching the sharks...she was scared of them.

Watching Sharks

Jourdan loves sharks even more now.


Shark 2

Shark Teeth

Did you know Flamingos are pink because they eat lots of shrimp?


Layla is in Jourdan's clothes here watching the flamingos. She managed to throw up on her first outfit and the stroller. Then again later in the day on her second outfit. So all I had left were Jourdan's clothes.

Layla Flamingos

I don't know why this cow is wearing glasses and shorts is. Anna and Jourdan are mooing.




Holding Starfish

Holding Starfish 2

We saw Shamu Rocks at the end of the day.

Light Swords

Orca Jump

We ended the night with fireworks.


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