Anna's 8th Birthday


Anna had her 8th birthday party last weekend. The weather outside was perfect. Which was a good thing because we were going to throw all the kids outside, rain or shine. I think there were roughly 15-20 kids here. My mom had the great idea of making Anna's party theme "outside games" (see I knew she was good for something...just kidding, I love you mommy). Anyway, I am just glad all the kids were outside and that the weather cooperated. Or else we would have had some pretty unhappy adults. (Imagine with me...15 kids, sugar, cake, indoors...humm)

On to the party! We had potato sack races...


Race 2

Anna lost by a hair.

Anna Sad Face

So Tommy teamed up with her for the 3 Legged Race to give her the edge to win. It was her birthday after all.

Tommy and Anna Race

She just held on for dear life. I love this picture! It looks like her foot is broken! (It's not and there weren't any injuries, surprisingly.)

Tommy and Anna Race 2

For the next race all the girls wanted to be on Chris' team.


This time it was Chris and Tommy against each other. Oh yea and the kids of course.

Tommy and Chris

There they go!

Tommy and Chris 2

Tommy and Chris 3

They were in the lead, then this happened. They lost.

Tommy and Chris 4

Tommy and Chris 5

Moving on to the Hula Hoop contest. I think Anna won this one. I wouldn't be caught dead Hula Hooping...I would probably look stupid.

Anna Hula

Then it was time for the Pinata. We let the little ones go first.

Jourdan Pinata

Then the birthday girl, blindfolded.

Anna Pinata

The Pinata looked like this by the time everyone had a turn.


So we let Chris go at it.
Which caused this to happen.


Surprisingly only one injury.

Candy 2

We made sure to have a small stash of candy for the little ones because we knew they wouldn't be able to get any.

Jourdan Pop

Birthday Cake Time!! Man, there are a lot of people in our dinning room.

Happy Birthday

Finally, it was time for presents.


Anna and Jourdan

Well, this isn't a birthday present...

Jourdan Bike

...but this was! Anna got a new bike, an American Girl doll and a whole ton of presents from her friends. Mom and I are also taking her to New York City in the beginning of January to go to the American Girl Place. She is one lucky little girl! Anna, I hope you had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Anna!

Anna Bike

Is this what I get to look forward to when Jourdan and Layla are older? A bunch of kids hyped up on sugar running around my house? I can't wait!

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