A Baby and Her Bumbo


I officially have a Bumbo, well Layla does. I never had one with Jourdan because they were expensive and I just didn't want one. I ended up getting it because there was an awesome sale. The Bumbo is Layla's Christmas present. I was going to wait and give it to her on Christmas but why wait when she can use it now. She isn't going to remember. So I am just going to wrap it for Christmas so I can take pictures of her opening it. I know, I am crazy...and she is going to be traumatized if she reads this post when she is older.

The Bumbo is actually pretty cool. She likes to sit up so I figured she would like sitting in the Bumbo. I was right. She likes it. She sits and watches the craziness that goes on in our house. Or in this rare moment, she was with the other little ones watching a couple minutes of TV.

Anna, Layla and Jourdan

I know, I am already starting bad habits. Don't worry her TV viewing is rare.


She mostly sleeps and eats.


When she isn't eating or sleeping, she is talking to herself and spitting up.


Sometimes she can spit up while she that's talent.

Anyway, enough spit up talk.
Jourdan seems to like the Bumbo too.


He is probably just mad because I never got him one.

Layla & Jourdan

"Mom, stop taking pictures of me...I mean it."


"For real mom, you are scaring me with that camera!"


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belle said...

The last two pictures of her are really funny. For a 3 month old, she's showing lots of facial expressions already. That's amazing! And nice job catching it on camera. She'll proably get embarassed or be happy that u got this precious moment when she sees this when she's older.

And the Bumbo's a really great gift for a 3 month old. It'll help her achieve new milestones especially when she's playing while she's on it. That way she can practice new gross motor skills, and cognitive skills as well. Well, at this age they usually just swipe the toys or mouth them if they do get to grab hold of it.

Have fun and keep up the great shots. Take care.