Flagstaff, AZ


I haven't been able to put together the video yet but I will do that soon. I do have some pictures to post from our trip to Flagstaff last month. We went out to Phoenix to visit family and then we went up to Flagstaff for a mini vacation. Our goal was to get Jourdan in the snow.

When we got there, there wasn't any snow on the ground so we went up to the Arizona Snowbowl. There was plenty of snow and people skiing but we didn't ski. We just watched and had a good time. I had a great time taking pictures.

Flagstaff Amanda

There is no way you could get me to go on this.

Flagstaff Skiing 2

The view from the top of the mountain.

Flagstaff View From Top

Jourdan was cranky and wanted to run around. We were supposed to go hiking but it was really cold outside so we decided to go bowling instead. This was Jourdan's first time bowling (besides on the Wii :)) and he did really well.

Flagstaff Jourdan Bowling

He would throw the ball, then run back, stand with Eaan, put his hands on his hips and watch the ball roll slowly down the lane.

Flagstaff Jourdan Bowling 2

Flagstaff Jourdan Bowling 3

We were going to leave after only spending two days in Flagstaff but a snowstorm was predicted to hit that night. Since our main goal of Jourdan playing in the snow wasn't accomplished yet we decided to stay another night. It was great! It was the first real snow Eaan and I had seen in awhile.

Flagstaff Eaan Snow

Jourdan loved it! Goal accomplished!

Flagstaff Jourdan Snow

After playing in the snow for awhile we headed back to Phoenix. We were sad to leave. There isn't any snow in San Diego but we can always head up into the mountains when we want to see it again.

Flagstaff Snow Trees

Flagstaff Jourdan Eye

It was beautiful when we got below the clouds.

Flagstaff Under the Clouds

The next day we left Phoenix to head back home. The weather was crazy. We drove through several rainstorms.

On the Way Home

Rain Drops

Black Clouds

Then there was a rainbow. Awww.


We thought all the bad weather was behind us. Yeah, right. When we hit the mountains we ran into a bad snowstorm. We couldn't even see the road. It was covered with snow and freezing rain. The snow was actually coming straight at the windshield because the winds were so strong. I thought for sure we were going to get stuck up in the mountains but we made it home safely.

Spring is almost here so I don't know if we will be seeing snow anymore this year. But we will be in Maryland next winter so hopefully we will get a couple good storms there. Have I mentioned I love storms?

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