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I am curious to see how many people read/follow my blog. I have added a followers tab on the right hand side. Sign in if you would like. It would be great to see how many people stop by. Right now I only have one follower and it is my mom. I guess that means I am pretty much a loser. lol :) But that's ok. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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belle said...

Hey Amanda. I like how you make a story out of your pictures..a storyboard to one's life scenes, I must say. I take a lot of pictures, but I have trouble putting the right words to explain each moment. Well, sometimes it's just coz I try to make it too complicated by putting too much drama in the words, and that I get too lazy sometimes. It's really amazing that you find time to get your blog updated despite having two wonderful cuties.

By the way in my professional opinion, if she's moving backwards coz she symmetrically pushed both upper extremities while in prone (belley on the mat), I'm sorry, but that's not crawling yet. But, if she pushed both upper extremities symmetrically and lifting her belly off the mat, that's still not crawling. Although, it's another milestone. She's about to do quardruped and might eventually go into sitting.

If you wanna practice making her crawl, how 'bout have her reach forward for a toy while she's in prone with her hand propped. Introduce the toy at the side opposite the hand that you want her to use to reach. Take note of that side's leg bending. Then alternately do it on each side and you'll be on your way to crawling.

hahah..I bet you already know these things. You already have one cute little boy.

Have fun with your floor time with your kids. :)