Home for the Holidays!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the late postings. I finally have downloaded all my pictures from my camera onto my computer. This year we went home to Maryland for Christmas. I love being home. We have had such a great time celebrating Christmas with the family. We started out last week doing last minute shopping. I think we ended up running out everyday before Christmas doing some sort of shopping.

Weekend Before Christmas

The weekend before Christmas was full of family. Friday night we went and saw Aunt Dotty and Uncle Brad, they just love little Jourdan! Ricky, Tom and Kit came to see us on Saturday. I haven't seen them since my baby shower. They had never met Jourdan so it was great for him to see them. Good food, good times and of course plenty of pool. The next day, more relatives. Mark, Meghan, Piper and Duncan and of course the Grandparents, or Great Grandparents now! We all exchanged presents, had more good eats, (I love the holidays, I probably gained 5 pounds at home!) and of course played more pool.

Christmas Eve Eve

We decorated the Christmas Tree and Anna put the star on the top, well tried. Don't worry she didn't fall. And of course we read the "The night before, the night before Christmas".

Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas was great. We all hung our stockings and left our milk and brownies (apparently SANTA wanted brownies) to get ready for Santa. Anna is right at the age where she has doubts about Santa. So of course being the crazy people we are we had to let her know there was a Santa. We got her all snuggled in bed and Jeff started to read her "The Night Before Christmas". Tommy and Eaan sneaked into Jourdan's room and climbed out on the roof with some jingle bells. They started stomping around on the roof and my mom and I had visions of emergency rooms. As soon as Anna heard them she jumped up, ran past 5 adults and was down the stairs and out the front door in 2 seconds flat! We weren't prepared for that! She wanted to see Santa, so I started yelling for her to get inside so the boys could get on the other side of the roof. Thankfully she didn't see them and came inside. Than it was like a light bulb went off in her head, she wanted to know where Eaan and Tommy were. Well of course Eaan was in with Jourdan because he was crying and Tommy was wrapping presents! So back upstairs and we hear more commotion on the roof. Anna slaps her hand over Jeff's mouth, so we all started laughing. She tried to go downstairs again to see if there were presents, we wouldn't let her at first and than Jeff told her to go look. And what did she find? Eaan eating the reindeer's carrots! So after replaceing the carrots Anna finally went to bed, for the night. Than the rest of us were up until 2 am wrapping presents.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was great. I am glad we all got to spend it together. Hopefully Chris will be with us next year. I love spending the holidays with family, that's what it's all about. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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