Farewell...Yet Again

We are saying good bye to another family. We will miss Troy, Jennifer and the three little girls. The hard thing about being a military family is saying good bye over and over again to people who become your home away from home. We are nearing the end of our 4 years here in San Diego and one by one our friends are moving away. It is essential to build a support system, to have people around you that will always help you. We are far from any family so friends are our family. Our good friends, Wes, Melissa and their little one Emily, will be moving in March. It is too sad to think about. We attended a going away party for Troy and Jennifer this past weekend. It was a good way to say good bye. Sadly though this is the only picture I can post of the party. I will let you imagine what the pictures started to look like as more beverages were consumed. We will miss you guys!

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