Last weekend Eaan, Jourdan and I went up to Julian and stayed in a Bed & Breakfast for the night. It was nice to get away for the weekend and a nice change or weather. It snowed in Julian the night we left. I wish we could have stayed for the snow, but we didn't have our 4 wheel drive vehicle with us so Eaan thought it was best that we leave. Darn! Jourdan has never seen snow. He will soon, we are planning on taking him up into the mountains when it snows to go sledding. Should be fun! Back to the weekend. Julian is a little town about an hour from San Diego. There are small stores, a small town feel and Julian is known for their Apple Pies...yummy! The picture above is the view from the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at. Julain reminds me a lot of Maryland.

We had lots of good eats while we were there. Jourdan even learned how to use a cup, plate and fork. Well kind of. He was doing good until they all ended up on the floor with his eggs. Sorry the pictures are crappy, I took them with my cell phone.

We also went to hike at Lake Cuyamaca. We didn't end up hiking, it was too cold and Jourdan was too cranky. The ducks were out in full force though. Jourdan liked them.

Than the fog rolled in, remember the first picture? That was our view the first day. This was our view the day we left.

I loved it! I love crappy weather, as long as the sun comes out every once in awhile. We hardly ever have crappy weather in San Diego so when it comes rolling in I am loving it. It was nice to get away but it was also nice to come back home.

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