Jourdan Update

Caution: Overload on toddler information. Only read if you WANT to hear about all the stuff Jourdan is doing.

Jourdan is getting bigger and bigger everyday. We went to the doctor for his 16 month checkup earlier this month. He is already almost 17 months. He is a healthy growing toddler, not my little baby anymore. He has gotten taller too. He did not enjoy the shots he recieved. Of course he got sick shortly after and he is now finally back to the normal happy baby we all love. There were many sleepless nights and I still have to hold him for 15 or 20 minutes after he wakes up in the morning. (I don't think he realizes he isn't sick anymore and that mommy doesn't have to hold him all the time.)

He is doing everything a growing little boy should. Climbing on everything, see Nana he is puttin your toy to good use! Running away from me in the store or into the street (my favorite) is probably his all time favorite thing and than having a temper tantrum when I will not let him run away from me. He is talking up a storm...his favorite word: owe, ochie, which means hot or hurt...he thinks everything is hot. And he loves to read books, the same ones over and over and over again. He has so much hair that we buzzed it off...again. He is doing good in his toddler bed, he doesn't get out, he just cries and waits for me to come get him in the morning. Man, did that idea backfire, the point of the bed was so he could get up and play in his room in the morning so I could sleep a little longer. Not happening.

We took him to the playground the other day. He didn't look like he had fun...When we put him in the swing he just sat in it and stared. But he didn't want to get out of the swing. So who knows, he wasn't feeling all the way better yet so he probably wasn't having fun. What can I say, we tried. Oh yeah and we had to put him in backwards because he didn't want to hold himself up so he was leaning on the front of the swing. I thought he was going to tip it over. Probably not but better safe than sorry...

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Des said...

Awwww! Poor guy! He looks miserable in that swing. Still a cute pic though! Love you guys! XOXO