Farewell San Diego :: 01

We are going to be leaving San Diego on April 19th. I have been trying to do things that I haven't yet done here in San Diego before we leave. I also have been taking a lot of pictures. I want Jourdan to have lots of pictures of his daddy before he leaves but I also want to remember San Diego and the time we have spent here. I have decided to do a little project for the next month or so. I have been inspired by many of the blogs I have been reading and browsing through lately.

I am going to post a picture everyday until we leave San Diego. Now we all know how bad I might be at this but I am going to try and post a picture everyday. Near the end I might not be so good at posting because I will probably be overwhelmed with packing. I usually procrastinate until the last minute, than go crazy and try to pack in a week. The good thing is I am just going to be posting pictures with maybe a caption so I will not have to worry about writing about the pictures. I hope this will make it easier. I really want to document our last days here in San Diego. Eaan isn't leaving until the beginning of June so he will be out here longer than I will be. I am going back home in April because he will be busy all of May getting ready to deploy.

Here is the first picture. Parks have become a regular activity for us. It's been warm and Jourdan enjoys being outside so much. He is also fascinated by airplanes. He is watching one fly by. He always points and stares in awe.


Spring is here!

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