The Family Visits Part 1 :: Gator Beach

Sand Creations

My favorite beach here in San Diego is Gator Beach. It is a military beach so during the summer tourist season not a lot of people are on it.


Gator Beach is on Coronado Island and Coronado Island is were my favorite pizza and ice cream place are. So of course when Sandra, Amanda and Raya came into town we went to Coronado on the first day.

Diggin in the Sand

We all had a great time playing in the sand but of course Jourdan wanted to play in the water. Even though it was probably 50 degrees.

Jourdan running

Of course he was hit by a wave and knocked down. Completely soaked.

All Wet

Eaan came with us too. He went for a run to get away from all the estrogen. Jourdan wanted to go with him.

Running Daddy

Yes, we had to take off all of Jourdan's clothes because they were wet. No, we did not have a change of clothes. Why would I have brought extra clothes? Babies aren't messy...are they?

Two Babies

Than he wanted to roll in the sand. Sure it's only 60 degrees outside, you are soaked and naked...go ahead.

Sandy Baby

My two boys

My Two Boys

We are going to miss the beach in San Diego.


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