The Family Visits Part 2 :: Sea World

Killer Whale

Of course when family comes to town we go to Sea World! I love Sea World! The whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, polar bears, penguins, fishes and more!


Raya and Jourdan liked holding the starfish. Well, Raya liked holding the starfish...

Raya Starfish

...Jourdan liked eating them! Ewww!
(Of course we stopped him after he put the starfish in his mouth!)

Jourdan Starfish

Eaan liked drinking the free beer at Sea World. I think that is the only reason he came with us. Everyone had fun and we were able to see all the animals. I love the shows. Jourdan and Raya had lots of fun and was watching over Jourdan, making sure he didn't run away.

Holding Hands

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