Fiesta Island

Palms @ Fiesta Island Park

Fiesta Island Park is probably my new favorite place. Jourdan loves playing there and the park is huge. We have been trying to spend as much time with Eaan before we leave so we brought Eaan along with us this time.

Playing Ball

I think his shirt says it all.

My Parents are Exhausted

This is the last picture that you will see of Jourdan with his ball. He had a melt down and we had to take the ball away.

Ball Jourdan

So to get him to stop crying and to forget about his ball Eaan started throwing him in the air. Instead of crying, he was laughing hysterically.

Throwing Jourdan

People always get scared when Eaan does this. He likes to do it in stores or other public places.

Jourdan & Daddy

The park is right near Mission Bay. Jourdan loves the water so of course he went in...fully clothed. He got his shoes, socks and pants wet before we pulled him out of the water.

Water Sports

Than, of course, we finished off the day with the slide...

Jourdan Slide 2

...and more sliding.

Jourdan Slide

Of course his pants were soaked to his knees from the bay but that didn't stop Jourdan. It was dark, he was cold but he still wanted to stay and slide. He cried when we left but passed out in the car. Ahh, the life of an 18 month old.

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