Random Baby Boy Pictures

Jourdan is just too cute sometimes. I just wanted to post some pictures of him that I have taken recently. He is doing really good and he can't wait for the new baby. Well, he actually doesn't really know what's going on but he is excited.

He loves PB&J so I thought I would take some pictures of him eating it.

PB&J Jourdan 2

I just love his blue shirt with his blue eyes. Those eyes make me melt.

PB&J Jourdan

Jourdan likes to help me out at work. He does this by dumping out all the paper clips and than putting them back in their little container. He could probably do this for 20 minutes. Hey, what ever makes him happy...and keeps him occupied.

Paper Clips

We thought it would be cool to put Eaan's flight helmet on Jourdan. He didn't agree, but he let me take this picture.


More posts coming soon...with lots more pictures.

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