British Virgin Islands

Ok I know that I have been slacking on the posting. I have been very busy and I finally got all of the pictures from the British Virgin Islands in order and ready to post. Jourdan and I had a lot of fun on our vacation. As predicted there were many pictures taken....I think the last count was 2,645 or something like that. Do not worry I am not posting all of them. But I am putting up a lot of pictures.
I was worried about the plane ride but it turned out ok. By the last connection flight I was ready to be sailing, not in a small airplane seat. We only had the 45 minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tortola left. Sounds easy, right? After waiting for about 1/2 an hour on the little plane, the engines still had not been started. The pilot comes on to the speaker system and says, "Sorry about the wait, I know it's hot, (it is about a 100 degrees on the plane and everyone was sweating like crazy) but everyone should be happy because you are all about to go on vacation." Everyone on the plane kinda laughed and I yelled out, "Travel 10 hours with a 10 month old and tell me how happy you would be."

We finally arrived and waited an hour to go through customs, and than took a nerve racking van ride to the Moorings (there are hardly traffic lights, the roads are ALMOST two cars wide and the bigger car basically has the right away...and I thought San Diego drivers were bad). When we met up with everyone we immediately jumped into the pool.

The rest of our trip was a lot of fun. Jourdan thought it would be great to wake up at about 6 am every morning with the sun. Yeah for me. He did very well on the boat. He was a little shaky at first, but soon got the hang of standing on the rocking boat. The boat was awesome, since there is no air conditioning, air flow is crucial. The catamaran was nice and breezy. It was still really hot there. On the nights when it was too hot in the boat we would sleep up on the net.

It was so beautiful in the British Virgin Islands. We were able to sail, snorkel, scuba dive, swim and just relax. We went from island to island, playing on the beach, looking through the little shops and having dinner. There are so many stories to tell, I can't possibly tell them all. There was the lost camera, the rouge wave through our bedroom hatch (and yes we were in the bedroom at the time), Tommy's dislocated finger, Jourdan peeing on Grandmom, Jourdan peeing on the deck of the boat, Anna hurting herself at almost every island, Jourdan passing out wherever and whenever, rough seas, Anna dropping Jourdan and I am sure I am forgetting things.

There was a interesting Phone Booth at Marina Cay. All you have to do is stand there and every 15 seconds the camera takes a picture. You can go to the Pusser's website and see our pictures. Look up June 28th @ 2:50 pm and than search the archive. There will be a bunch of pictures of us. Just something cool, proves that we were there. lol. Anyway the slide show shows some of the highlights from our vacation. There are more posts down below too.


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