Gay Pride

This past weekend Des, Jourdan and I went to the Gay Pride Parade. There were lots of people there supporting the community. The hair salon that I work at, Hairspray, had a float in the parade so I went to show my support. I was not in the parade because I thought it would be too difficult with Jourdan. Hairspray's float looked great! We loved watching all the different floats everyone had. Hairspray won 1st price in the parade! They had the best float!

Unfortunately there were protesters at the parade. Do people not have anything better to do? This made me sick to my stomach. Let people live their lives as they want. People do not have to agree with the lifestyle but should show some respect. Sorry. . .I am done bitching.

There were so many different businesses and organizations in the parade showing their support. The police were even in the parade, along with many others.

Gay Pride Parade

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